Legal Applications of official Paper Shredder at Accounting Departments


Before buying a shredder for office use, it is important to understand what type of shredder is good for which application. The way shredders are traditionally purchased and sold is by an uneducated consumer talking to an uneducated dealer.

A typical consumer will open a catalog containing 10 or more shredders and think that they are all designed to meet various price points. THEY ARE NOT!!! They are designed to meet different applications based on the amount and type of materials the consumer needs to shred.

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If you try to purchase a shredder to fit a predetermined budget you may wind up buying a desk side shredder that will be required to shred five or six cases of computer printout per week. The shredder doesn’t perform well, or at least not for very long, and sooner or later you will be back in the market looking for another paper shredder that fulfills your exact requirements.

First of all, it is important to understand the application of shredders for different organizations and departments. For example:

Accounting Departments shred documents like profit & loss statements, bills, audits, customer account records, financial statements, work sheets, letters of credit, tax records, delinquent accounts, checks, data processing.

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Paper shredder are used at Executive Offices for confidential documents, correspondence, agreements, contracts, executive reports, financial records, labor negotiations, committee reports, charts and graphs, periodicals, meeting proceedings.

Clerical Departments have a use for paper shredders to shred letters, memos, telegrams, articles, bulletins, reports, announcements, archival data, customer records, vendor records, directories, routings, and files.
Legal Departments need to shred contracts, correspondence, warranties, depositions, affidavits, pleadings, judgments, decisions, insurance files, promissory notes, cancelled checks, tax information, patent designs, and option agreements.

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Depending on the work that is performed at your office, you should determine what types of documents should be shredded at your office. This analysis will give you an idea of how much paper will you shred in any busy day.

You will also be able to figure out the size and type of paper that is used for the documents that you want to shred. Most importantly, you will be able to figure out whether your security needs will be fulfilled by a simple strip cut shredder or if you need a high security cross cut shredder.

There are distinct advantages to each type of shredder. A thorough understanding will help you in determining the most appropriate shredder for the application.