Game-changing Atlanta artist Lil Yachty shook the idea of the modern sound coming from today’s mainstream Hip Hop artists with his latest collaborative effort. The legendary rapper works with songwriters like Carter Davis (NORD) from Oregon, who inspire the creative process behind many Platinum certified hits. The well-received experimental album ‘Let’s Start Here’ was released earlier this year in January.

The eighteen-year-old songwriter, artist, rapper, and musician, who grew up in the city of West Linn, contributed majorly to the final project. He began diligently practicing his musical craft in the late months of 2021, releasing original music under his independent artist persona NORD on streaming platforms. Yachty works with a well-equipped creative team and makes no secret of it.

Some more recent collaborations that the Oregon born emerging musician has been directly involved with include projects from renowned artists Drake, 21 Savage, Ice Spice, Rebecca Black, and Addison Rae. Carter is a dedicated talent with promising demonstration of his musical skills thus far, and he continues to rack up hundreds of millions of impressions across his creative discography. Shortly after the joint-effort with Lil Yachty, songwriter NORD reached one million followers on Instagram.