Lime in the shower -> AlpenKraft® with raffle

Lime in the shower -> AlpenKraft® with raffle

Advertising In my district, the water hardness area is rather hard, which is casually referred to as “calcareous”. Coffee machine, kettle, dishwasher, faucets etc. must be regularly cleaned of lime if you want to use them longer. 

AlpenKraft® has provided me with a shower head that is so completely different. And what is so different? 


“Due to the micro holes cut with a precision laser, less water flows through the shower, but with enormously high pressure. 

The mineral beads provide filtered water and less lime on your walls.” 

The AlpenKraft® shower head is available this month with a 50% discount for €44.95. 


First experiences 

A few days ago, my granddaughter took a shower with the AlpenKraft® shower head for the first time. From: “I shower today, goes faster than bathing!” was then almost the bath time reach.  

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Her statement about why she needs so long made me smile. “The shower is so cool, it massages you really nicely. And grandma did you see what happens when you press the button here? Look.” Well, there is probably nothing to add to that.  


As my granddaughter quickly discovere, the individual types of radiation can be easily change with one finger at the push of a button. The water feels much softer and yes, the massage function is not to be despise after a strenuous day. 


Of course, after such a short time you can not see any limescale deposits on the shower head. But – I can already confirm in the short time that I have fewer lime stains on the tiles. It is particularly good to see visually on my bathroom mirror, which reaches into the shower. Glass cleaner was no longer enough for cleaning, here I always had to use lime cleaner beforehand, which frustrated me mega. Now -> the water stains can be removed much easier. There will definitely be some feedback in 6 months. 

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Competition for you 

Propo profit! I would like to take this opportunity to thank AlpenKraft®! 

Because AlpenKraft® has also put a shower head in my package for you. So if you are tire of whizzing through your bathroom with lime cleaner, then you should not miss this opportunity! 

 You can participate here and on Instagram. A winner will be drawn from all participants. Please pay attention to the respective conditions of participation! Here