Lizzie Cundy having ‘best sex of her life’ after undergoing


Lizzie Cundy having ‘best sex of her life’ after undergoing ‘super vagina’ procedure

Lizzie Cundy Feels Like 'new Woman' After Undergoing 'super Vagina' Procedure - Daily News Era

Lizzie Cundy has opened up about the vaginal tightening procedure she underwent and claimed she feels like a ‘new woman’ and is now having the ‘best sex of her life’

Lizzie Cundy underwent a vaginal tightening procedure and admitted she is having the “best sex of her life” because of it.
The socialite, 54, also revealed that she feels like a “new woman” after the procedure which she had at a clinic in London.

Speaking to Closer, the TV personality said: “I feel like a new woman with my super vagina! It’s so tight, it squeaks when I walk – I can barely sit down.”

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The non invasive procedure increases collagen in the vaginal wall which aims to tighten it up and improve sensation during sex.
“I’ve always felt young for my age and now I have a vagina to match,” Lizzie said, adding: “I only date younger men and they’re flocking for a date.”

Lizzie, who is the ex-wife of former professional footballer Jason Cundy, went on to say: I’ll be treating my vagina like a temple now… worship away, boys! I’ve been seeing someone recently and I’m sure they can feel the difference. I’m having the best sex of my life.”

Last month, the mum-of-two had nothing but praise when talking about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and went on to admit that her former pal, Meghan Markle, could “learn a lot” from her.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Star, the TalkTV star said: “Camilla Parker Bowles is one of the most charismatic and beautiful people I have ever met.

“Luckily enough I was able to work with her on two of her charities.”

She went on to say: “As a young girl growing up I absolutely adored Princess Diana in every way, I never thought I would ever like Camilla.”

“But Camilla has shown throughout the years what a total rock she has been to Charles and the Royal Family – she is their greatest asset!”

Lizzie, who is often considered the “original Wag” added: “She has been brilliant with the boys [Prince William and Prince Harry] and such a support to Charles in every way.

“Meghan Markle could learn a lot from her, you will never see Camilla moaning or complaining and she has a great sense of fun.”

Lizzie Cundy makes thinly veiled dig at Carol Vorderman amid plastic surgery rumours
Lizzie Cundy has hit out at speculation she’s had a surgical “bum lift” while also revealing she spent a significant amount of money “not to look like Carol Vorderman”

Lizzie Cundy appears to have jokingly made a dig at Carol Vorderman as she insists she paid money to not look like the former Countdown star.

The original WAG, 54, is no stranger when it comes to sharing what’s on her mind and her latest admission is certainly no different as she made an appearance on TalkTV.

Lizzie appeared alongside host James Whale and Boy George impersonator Liam Halewood who shed light on his cosmetic surgery journey.

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The Liverpudlian told Lizzie and Whale that he spent around £16,000 to not look like comedian Alan Carr but now looks similar to The Voice Australia coach.

He said: “It wasn’t £16,000 to look like Boy George, it was £16,000 not to look like Alan Carr,” before explaining he had previously looked like the star.

“That was my previous lookalike gig,” he exclaimed before continuing: “I’m not against aesthetics, I’ve just filmed a show about body positivity and being myself and the rules and regulations around getting aesthetics like your botox and fillers.”

Lizzie interrupted: “Listen, I spent around £16,000 not to look like Carol Vorderman!”
But when probed by James over having a bum lift, Liam said: “I haven’t had a bum lift,” but James’ assistant Ash said: “Lizzie’s the one to talk to about that.”

Unimpressed by this, the mum-of-two fumed: “Can I just say live on air, I have NOT had a bum lift,” before explaining that she had “little pricks” in her bottom.

Lizzie has previously denied the claims she’s had a surgical helping hand with her bottom and simply had a massage on her peachy derriere.

During a previous appearance on TalkTV, viewers were shown a clip of Lizzie discussing her procedure, saying: “I’ve had a bum lift, I didn’t know what to expect, I was a little apprehensive.

“It was something that I really felt I needed, my bottom felt stronger,” before she exclaimed to James: “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me.”

James added: “You deserve every minute of it!”
Lizzie continued: “Can I just tell you, that was just a massage, the girls did a massage into my bottom.

“I haven’t had a bum lift, it was a massage!”
James replayed the clip of Lizzie discussing her enhancements before she went on to express that she didn’t go under the knife.

As James once again wanted to play the video, she furiously said: “It doesn’t matter if I did but I have not had a bum lift.
“This is not fair, I’ve not had a bum lift, it was a massage. That was very unfair, I have not had a bum lift, what is going on?!”

Lizzie Cundy strips to tiny bikini as she laps up UK heatwave ahead of new show
Former WAG turned television and radio personality Lizzie Cundy soaks up the sun during the heatwave in a glamorous and revealing metallic bikini ahead of filming a secret Channel 4 show

Lizzie Cundy is known for her glamorous snaps, and the heatwave was no different

The 54-year-old television personality took to social media to tell her 69,000 Instagram followers just how much she was enjoying the sunshine and hot weather.

The GB News weekend pannelist posted a picture of herself in a tiny silver bikini as she played with her lucious hair and popped one leg up in a suggestive posture as she showed off her ageless and slender figure.

The radio host cheekily smiled at the camera as she posed in her stunning metallic swimsuit in her matching high heels as she leant against the convertible car in her driveway allowing her long hair extensions to take in the light from the optimal angles.