A huge bathroom with a wall-sized window, stylish beds and a view of the porch with Japanese rock garden is an impractical dream for the vast majority of us. In a limited urban environment we often only have a square box. And even a fairly large bathroom fitters is sometimes not enough to realize all our design plans. As the well-known stepmother said in the fairy tale Cinderella – “The kingdom is small, there is no place to run around”. Because of the main wall, you cannot enlarge your bathroom even at the expense of your neighbors. But maybe it’s better to solve this problem with the help of internal reserves and visually expand your bathroom interior? Maybe it’s better to simply help missing square meters virtually by making them visible?


You need to start with the bathroom design in order to use the available space competently. The development of modern installation systems makes it possible to place all bathroom and toilet equipment not in their usual places, but where they are needed; You can shave a few tens of inches or even a few feet and free up some space visually. For example, you can save space by not only installing a bathtub and shower cubicle, but also a square washbasin or toilet bowl. If technically feasible, the bath or shower cubicle can be completely or partially hidden in a niche.

Bathroom and toilet equipment

If the space available is not as big as you would like, you can easily save it by opting for small bathroom fitters, which are specially designed for small bathrooms and take up much less space than standard fixtures. In this case, the dollhouse effect is triggered and the environment around scaled-down equipment appears larger. By the way, many people think that space-saving toilet bowls and bidets are even more practical than standard toilets. Of course, the same cannot be said of a small washbasin or a bathtub. Hanging bathroom equipment is also interesting because it visually creates some space; Bathroom fittings such as “Two in One”, for example a tandem shower and bath, are also popular.


The walls play the most important role in visually increasing the bathroom space. In small rooms, you should never use shaded ceramic tiles and other types of facing, especially in combination with large decor and wide borders. The tile should be light tinted. For a long time it was considered that large ceramics should be used in small rooms. However, practice shows that mosaic makes even a small room visually larger.

The necessary depth effect is achieved with ceramic tiles and furniture in light, deep tones and shades in combination with medium-sized and soft-hearted decors, narrow decorative strips, which are especially not placed horizontally, but vertically. The panels are outside the fold, even the large ones, but only those with a perspective view: landscapes, especially seascapes, imitating the view from a window, the sky, and so on. Your gaze does not die on them, but flies away. Photo boards are the latest in room decoration.


Well, and if you want to relax in aromatic foam and not feel the weight of the blanket over you? Then the mirrored ceiling is the best choice for you – a brilliant demonstration of the extra class. There are other ways to decorate the ceiling: suspended ceilings with special lighting, ceilings made of stained glass and painted as a starry sky or something like that and inviting to the eye … The availability of a visual perspective view is the main thing.


The sense of the visual view can also be achieved with a fake window replicated on one of the walls. It is necessary that it looks real: frames, glass, curtains … It is even allowed to open, and the flowers should be put on the windowsill. Another interesting variation is the use of stained glass, which is usually placed and highlighted in flat inserts. And then it seems that behind this glass there is a window into a very special, even magical world.


The easiest and least expensive way to enlarge enclosed spaces is to use a mirror. It visually doubles the surroundings as it reflects the entire space. Also, the smaller the room, the bigger the mirror needs to be. Mirrors can be placed not only above a sink, where they certainly play a key role, but also anywhere on the walls, even replacing them if this does not cause negative emotions from the owners. Some time ago, mirror-like tiles were very popular, but unfortunately, nowadays they are less popular due to their fragility, insufficient security (they break easily) and complicated maintenance.


When it comes to floor and wall-mounted furniture, only the most space-saving ones should be used; it is best to hide it in a niche or under a sink. Walls are completely free of solid connecting elements; You just have to use the light glass, metal or wooden shelves. It makes no sense to rely on the use of many accessories.
Of course, all this is just an attempt to compensate for what we miss in real life and your bathroom won’t get any bigger with all these gimmicks. But you will partially lose the feeling that you are in a closet surrounded by the bathtub, sink, toilet bowl and washing machine built into this closet. It’s nothing but an optical illusion, but as the poet said, “an illusion that elevates us”. And maybe later even the Japanese rock garden will become a reality.