‘Lost Ark‘ is Getting ‘Witcher 3‘ DLC Later This Year


Lost Ark is a new MMO, but the game has already amassed a large player base. It is possible that that number will grow considerably later this year because Lost Ark will receive The Witcher 3 DLC.

In February, Tripod Studio and Amazon Games launched Lost Ark in Europe, North America and South America. It didn’t take long for the MMO to gain a player base of thousands of players. For example, there are more than 200,000 players who log in every day, according to figures from SteamDB.

The game may soon start attracting fans of The Witcher. The Witcher 3 DLC was announced during the Lost Ark Summer Showcase. Developer CD Projekt Red is helping with the project, the studio told IGN.

“We are partnering with Smilegate RPG to bring the most authentic Witcher experience to Lost Ark. The partnership is expected to be added to Lost Ark over the winter.”

Lost Ark is Getting Witcher 3 DLC

Lost Ark has been a reasonably consistent provider of fresh material for an MMORPG that has been around for almost three years to keep its users engaged. Lost Ark has actually been a huge success in South Korea since becoming live in late 2019. This is despite the fact that the game was just made available to western gamers earlier this year. The desire of game creator Smilegate to maintain the experience enjoyable for both novice and experienced players accounts for a portion of this. In other cases, Smilegate is even prepared to go over and above and work with other well-known game brands, such as The Witcher.

Recently, Smilegate revealed a ton of new improvements for Lost Ark, especially the South Korean version of the game, including a brand-new damage class called Aeromancer and exclusive DLC based on CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3. It’s anticipated that the partnership will reach Korean servers in the winter, but it’s not yet known if it will also be made available to the western version.

Sadly, Smilegate didn’t offer any information on how Geralt’s presence in Arkesia will manifest itself. The announcement was brief and consisted simply of the logos for The Witcher 3 and the Lost Ark. Fans are already guessing about what the DLC will be, though. Others had more reasonable expectations of a quest line or skins inspired by The Witcher 3. Some thought it would be really nice to see a fresh new Witcher-themed class in Lost Ark.

The appearance of Geralt of Rivia outside of The Witcher will not be his first. Other notable crossovers include Geralt appearing as a playable character in both Monster Hunter: World and Soul Calibur 6, where he is shown brandishing his sword and making the familiar Witcher signs as fans would expect. As Geralt is already well-known to many gamers, including those who have never played The Witcher game series, it would not be surprising if Lost Ark also presented Geralt in a similar manner.

One can only hope that the western adaptation of Lost Ark keeps lagging behind its South Korean counterpart for the time being. Although they have been released more slowly because the game hasn’t been available that long, updates for the western version have so far been fairly accurate and comparable to the South Korean one.

The Witcher DLC is Coming to Lost Ark This Winter

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt-themed DLC for Lost Ark is scheduled to arrive this winter.

It is still unknown whether the DLC will be published for just this version of Lost Ark or if it will also be available for the western versions of the game. The DLC was announced at Lost Ark’s summer showcase, which focuses on the South Korean version of the game.

While specifics are still sketchy, CD Projekt Red informed IGN that it’s “collaborating with Smilegate RPG to provide Lost Ark the most genuine Witcher experience possible. This winter, the cooperation is anticipated to be included to Lost Ark.”

Some fans are hoping for a brand-new Witcher class, while others anticipate skins inspired by The Witcher and even a quest to go along with the DLC.

Although Lost Ark was first released in the west earlier this year, it was initially released in South Korea in 2019. The western version has largely kept up with the South Korean version in terms of upgrades, but it still lags behind.

It won’t be the first time Geralt of Rivia has appeared in a different video game series; when Soul Calibur 6 was published in 2018, he was included as a fighter.

Fans of the Witcher will probably have to wait a bit before they can return to The Continent, except from the upcoming single-player Gwent game, as the next mainstream installment has only recently began pre-production.

CD Project Red

It is currently unclear whether the western version of Lost Ark will also receive the DLC of The Witcher. The content has been specially announced for the South Korean version of the MMO, which was launched earlier in 2019.

No The Witcher DLC in the Netherlands

The new content will in any case not be launched in our own country. That’s because Lost Ark wasn’t released in the Netherlands at all. The publisher made that decision because the MMO doesn’t comply with our loot box regulations. Also in Belgium the game was not released for the same reason.

Lost Ark is not the only recent game that has not received a release in the Netherlands and Belgium. Activision Blizzard has decided not to release Diablo Immortal in the low countries due to the strict regulations.

Lost Ark

Available from February 11, 2022

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