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What is LPG?

The other name of LPG is LP gas and LPG stands for “Liquefied petroleum
Gas”. This gas has a domestic as well as industrial use. A major part of the LPG
is used in central heating systems, and the next largest as raw material for
chemical plants. LPG is used as fuel for water heaters, gas cooktops, ovens
and in portable heaters. It is also used as an engine fuel for home heating gases
and for backup generators.

Composition of LPG

LPG is also known as “hydrocarbons” because it is composed of hydrogen
and carbon. Petrol is used in the composition of LPG. This gas is a
combination of flammable hydrocarbon gases Butane, butene, propane and
LPG  installations
An LPG installation is an installation storing LPG with water capacity of
more than 130 litres. LPG is normally provided to the downstream consumption
points by ways of outlet pipework through droplets and pressure-regulating
installations. There are three classic types of LPG storage installations:
1) LPG is stored in a bulk storage tank which is known as LPG storage
2) LPG is stored using typical LPG cylinders which is called Piped LPG cylinder
3) Reserve LPG cylinders are stored in LPG cylinder dead store.

Establishment of Our Company
LPG Gas Distribution Contracting LLC is an organization in Dubai in LPG System
Consultancy, Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance with high quality
Safety Code of Dubai Civil defense. It was well-established on 15 September 2017,
by Mr. Mohammad Hilal who is a businessperson. The company is directed by good
quality human resources for providing top quality facilities and products to his clients.

Philosophy of Our Company
Distribution Contracting LLC believes that a properly planned job increases
productivity and output. Keen control and continuous observation of the following
factors guarantee the smooth implementation of works as per plan and make sure
that the cost-effective projects for the customer are within their budget. Tight control
is kept over the following to increase both our work rate and Client satisfaction.
Contracts management and Design control, Evaluation, monitoring, Progress
Measurement, Inventory Optimization, Equipment Usage and Materials Handling.

Why is Our Company so successful?
We guarantee that our workforce is monitored and motivated to carry out the
project as per plan, on schedule, within the given budget without any cost.
A safety and environmental ideology are normally developed for the project. It is
formulated to ensure that difficulties, which can affect the safety of the personnel,
the integrity of the facilities and the conservation of the environment, are properly
and suitably considered. In doing so, all judicial requirements are observed and
complied with, and the appropriate codes and standards are introduced onto the
execution of work to make certain the retention of good and well proven
engineering practices throughout.

Our Company
Our Company is one of the leading gas companies of LPG/NG systems installations
and maintenance and associated services in the UAE. Company provides its buyers
with many kinds of services including consulting, design, executing, testing,
commissioning, and customer services. The Gas contractor uae with full power of
professional teams of engineers, technicians, management, and administration staff
We are looking for progressing relationships with our clients, actively to guarantee
that our facilities are matching their satisfaction and trust.