Maby – Features For Nail Salon Owners


MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen personally used this application before becoming a Maby Brand Ambassador.

Ms. Ky Duyen mentioned: “Maby is a little planet where you can find any nail service available in the US. For human nail salon proprietors, the app is a must as well. In the US, there are a ton of Viet residents. You may manage your business, interact with clients, publish job advertising, display nail samples, and chat with consumers. If you just try the app, maybe you’ll grasp how to take advantage of the potential to raise your income by owning a nail company in the US.”

Maby performs the functions of several instruments. Assist the store owners with day-to-day tasks and make location-specific recommendations for the best hair salon to suit customers’ needs.

– Reduce the salon’s idle time, boost the number of new customers, and retain the existing clientele. Alter your appointment-making practices. Increase store owners’ profits.

– Analyze with ease the performance of each employee and the business climate of the store. Follow up with consumers using automated reminders to lessen the frequency with which they miss appointments.

– Manage appointment scheduling clearly and simply assign tasks to employees

– Algorithm to optimize appointment calendar and enhance worker performance.

– Analyze which customers have not returned in a long time and address their needs.

– Customers will easily find the nail salons near me with Maby’s Locator tool. Your salon will attract many new consumers in the surrounding region as a result of this, leading to an increase in sales.

Download Maby now so your complex problems are no longer worrying.