While carrying loads with a wheel loader, it is a daunting task to weigh the loads. People get frustrated in this challenging job. However, in recent advancements, the onboard weighing system has made the worker’s life easier. The onboard weighing system is now available on almost every other site.

An onboard weighing system is an advanced technique in which you can weigh the loads that are being loaded on the wheel loader. The system uses software that helps in weighing the load and recording the data directly into the software. It makes things much easier. You do not need to take the load to the other site to weigh them before loading them on the wheel loader. This system also helps in generating a quick ROI after investing in a wheel loader for sale.

Let’s find out how a wheel loader onboard weighing system helps in generating quick ROI. 

It reduces the labor cost

The equipment owner experienced the system in checking how much ROI they can generate. They have seen a drastic reduction in labor costs. It is obvious, that the manual weighing system will require labor to move the load to the weighing units and then return to the site. The labor charges money for the job. However, the onboard weighing system can help you reduce the need for labor you can rely on this digital system.

Helps in reducing fuel cost

The reduction in fuel cost will be another big step towards generating a quick ROI. The fuel cost increase, when you need to weigh and reweigh the load. Suppose once you weigh the load and load on a wheel loader, but it is inappropriate for the site you just come back to the weighing unit and reduce the load to make it up to the requirement. In this way, you spent a lot of time and fuel. the system will help you to save time and fuel by digitally weighing the load onboard. 

Helps reduce overloading cost

This is another big problem when the truck or machine is overloaded. The overloaded equipment will increase the operational cost higher. It may cause unnecessary wear and tear to the equipment which will increase the repair cost. The onboarding weighing system will save you from this hassle. You can load the exact amount of load that is appropriate for the wheel loader.

Helps the administrative staff

The manual weighing system is a challenge for the administrative staff as well. They need to record all the data manually on paper. this manual data gathering has a higher risk of human error. This may mess up later. Further, when they need to find the previous data, they need to head down in the pile of paper to find the required one. This may take a lot of time and waste money as well. However, using an onboard weighing system helps the administrative staff to save time by taking all the digitally in the software. Further, they can access whatever data they want at any point in time. 


The onboard weighing system is a great way to generate a quick ROI on a wheel loader for sale. The system digitally weighs the load and records the data in software. You can access the data with all the detail when you need it. It also helps in generating quick ROI by other means. Read the article to know about the advantages of this system in detail.