Malaysia landslide leaves campers dead and dozens missing


At least two people have been killed and dozens more are missing after a landslide hit a camping site in Malaysia’s Selangor state, fire authorities say.

The landslide took place around 03:00 on Friday (19:00 GMT Thursday) just outside the hilly Genting Highlands, north of the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Authorities said they’re scrambling to rescue people who may be buried.

Up to 100 people had been camped at a farm site on the side of a road.

Malaysia’s fire department said at least 31 people had been rescued so far. But at least 51 people were still missing.

The landslide began up a slope about 30m (100ft) higher than the campsite, and affected about an acre of the surrounding land.

Pictures posted online by Malaysia’s Civil Defence Force showed crews of helmeted workers clambering up uneven ground, past uprooted trees.

It’s unclear what triggered the landslide – local media said there had been no heavy rains or earthquakes in the lead up to it.

Emergency rescuers digging up ground in the search and rescue efforts at the landslide on 16/12,zamosc-mundurowi-zagrali-w-niedziele-charytatywny-turniej-dla-ariany