Managed IT services in Austin, Texas


For managed IT services in Austin, Texas, I would recommend Lithium-Networks. While there are many IT consulting firms out there, Lithium-Networks would be the best option I have chosen for the following reasons; They have met our company growth goals while technology needs that vastly change the business environment, and, by using their managed IT services, I have observed clear and measurable benefits that have greatly cut the cost of full IT department staff.


A major issue in IT companies is staffing & personnel cost. Lithium-Networks have reduced this issue of my company to a simple monthly-fee system. But that is not all to it, they have also scheduled an easy-to-understand block hour structure that helps my own IT staff to work efficiently. Yes, at the cost of one plan, it has turned out to be a win-win situation for my company and my staff.


When they said that they work with a number of experts and professional IT decision-makers to further help our staff, they delivered it through their actions. New hires’ proposal setup is always a hassle in any line of work, but that was also part of their support plan. Things have never been hassle-free for my work.


Their 24/7/365 full-time support is not only for our customers but also for our staff too. Their technical support system for our customers handles advanced technical inquiries. This allows our staff to focus on much bigger projects. As for our staff, their high-level networking and administrative database system have assisted them, our staff, regarding our key infrastructure for the projects.


My company has limited resources and, with limited resources, you do not have a wide variety of options to invest with. The IT emergencies, overgrowing project lists, ongoing maintenance, and an active help desk were, like any other company with limited resources, a real set of obstacles. Lithium-Networks’ IOE (Improved Employee Productivity) has taken all that on itself and we have been focused on real emergencies since then.


Everyone has commitment terms that fit their needs. With their flexible commitment terms, you can either take a traditional 12-month term plan or a large-scale 24-month plan. I was happy to know that this comes with a 60-day risk-free guarantee. This guarantee gave me the confidence to go ahead with Lithium-Networks.


With their proactive approach, they stay ahead of potential problems and notify our staff as well. Their exceptional service support has saved a lot of our time which helped us focus on other emergencies and issues. Lithium-Networks has provided me with such clear and transparent pricing that it has gone well with the company budget. My business has never been better for me before.


I would recommend my other fellow IT business owners to give your company and Lithium-Networks a chance so your company could grow higher. Because other than providing managed IT services in Austin Texas, Lithium-Networks provides other services as well, such as Network and Server Monitoring, Cloud Services for all business types (public, private, hybrid), and Hardware/Software services with developer operations.

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