Manufacturer of Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes and linear MMO Anodes


While talking about the uses of the MMO Anode, we see that it is essential for us to know precisely what an MMO anode is. MMO anode is consider a highly conductive and corrosion-resistant anode use to conduct the electrolysis process. Anodes are produce due to the coating performe over a specific type of component for an extended period. An anode is utilize in this process of electrolysis that is conduct. Mix metal oxide Anode is a type of component that is lighter in terms of weight, and it is a type of component that is available in various configurations. These are the type of nodes know worldwide because they are consider dimensionally stable and exhibit a low rate of wear as well. They are also know because they possess incredible mechanical strength. MMO anodes are the type of anodes that are known to have high current densities along with improved performance compare to the other traditional types of anodes. This is because these types of anodes are compose of a layer that is uniform in terms of the distribution of thickness. They represent a high current density along with an improved performance that could be observe.

Generally, the MMO anodes are the type of anodes that are made using the coating of mixed metal oxide. As this coating is a type that is electrically conductive, it allows it to function like an anode. When we talk about the types and properties of anodes, these are the types that are known to possess a longer life than all the other electrolytes that exist. When it comes to the MMO, linear Anodes are the type of components that are made up of metals that are known to be noble metals, and they can be use in cathodic protection systems. These components act as sacrificial anodes that serve the purpose of protecting the members from being corrode.

What is a mixed metal oxide anode?

MMO Anodes, also known as mix metal oxides, are the type of components that are made and coat with the layer of anode that is there in order to prevent the mixing and reaction that might be a result of parts coming into contact with one another. These metal oxides are in the form of RuO2, IrO2, or even PTO that might accumulate over the surface. These kinds of Anodes are usually see to use inside the electrolytic cell in order to produce an amount of free chlorine using the saltwater and the generation of hypochlorite.

Process of manufacturing MMO Anodes

The manufacturing process of MMO Anodes starts with preparing the surface of the substrate. The cover is ready by cleaning it thoroughly using pure titanium. As soon as the process of surface preparation is complete, a coat is apply over it. This coat is based on the metal salts that are combine. Once the skin is use, then it is thermally decompose at a high range of temperature that usually lasts between 400 to 600 °C. These are the types of coating that are apply in the form of a single layer or in the form of multiple layers as well.

Some commonly used types of Anodes include;

  1. Iridium-coated (Ir And Iro2)
  2. Ruthenium-coated (Ru And Ruo2)
  3. Platinum-coated
  4. Zirconium Dioxide (Zro2)
  5. Niobium Pentoxide (Nb2o5)
  6. Titanium Dioxide (Tio2)

Features of MMO Coated Titanium Anodes

When it comes to the features of titanium, there are a lot of features that are associate with the use of titanium and make titanium a unique choice to be use in the anodes. Some of these features are:

Titanium is readily available in every part of the in a commercially pure form. It has excellent chemical resistance against strong acidic conditions. It’s very lightweight. It also has exceptional mechanical strength. It also has excellent adhesion and the surface is well prepare before performing the action.


Applications of Anodes

These types of nodes are see to use in various different types of day-to-day applications that we get to see around us almost every day. Some of these applications are in the form of :


There are a variety of anodes that are use offshore and are consider highly suitable for use in oil rigs, offshore platforms, and jetties as well. These anodes are customize base on the conditions and requirements of the customers.

Wind Farms:

Anodes are see to use in the case of the wind farms as well as the anodes are provided for the formation of rust, protecting both on-shore operations and offshore operations as well.


These anodes are consider a popular solution that is use in order to protect marine vessels from the formation of rust.

Steel in Concrete

Steel reinforce concrete is a type of concrete. That is use in almost all the types of solid infrastructures that we get to see around us. These MMO anodes are use in that application as an essential part as well.


In the case of transportation and various other types of applications. We commonly get to see the use of pipelines all over the world. As they are consider quite a valuable resource in transportation purposes. However, even in the case of pipelines and transportation. MMO anodes are long trust all over the world for a very long period of time. As they ensure a long lifetime of al the kinds of buildings and infrastructures all over the world.

Tank Farms coat titanium anodes are consider an ideal product. That is in the form of the wires, tubes, and rods. That are use in the applications to protect the integrity of the base of the tank.