Maximizing Your Fleet’s Profitability: A Guide


For any fleets operating across the country, profit generation has taken a back seat in recent years. With the pandemic messing with supply chains, the price of gas climbing ever higher, and the global economy looking shaky, it’s been damage limitation at the majority of firms. Yet there are bright signs of progress in the industry, not least in the fact that logistics firms are ever sought-after for their services. This means that you can refocus on productivity and profits at your firm in 2023, and this article aims to show you how you can do it.

The Most Profitable Loads

You’ll know that certain loads and journeys generate more cash in profits than others. This is determined by the price of the journey itself and the amount of care that you’re carrying from place to place. The most profitable lands are likely to be those that are relatively cheap and easy to make and which see your truck full to the brim with goods that it’ll be delivering to one or more customers located in the same area.

So to become more profitable as a business, you simply need to run more high paying truck loads. This is a case of organizing your fleet and the kinds of customers you work with to become as efficient as possible. Use websites that help you fill your vans with extra loads, where required, to ensure each and every journey your people are making is as profitable as possible.

Gas Prices

It’s no secret that gas prices are going up, and that means that you will have had to put your prices up too. That’s something that concerns clients, who are increasingly shopping around for shipping firms that offer the best price for their deliveries. Here’s where cutting costs on fuel usage comes in. It gives you a competitive advantage in terms of the price you offer and helps you secure more profitable, larger contracts into 2023.

You should seek, where possible, to only run routes on which your trucks can be fuel-efficient. Use fuel cards to accrue points and discounts for your drivers, reducing your costs at the pumps. Be careful to update your fleet where necessary, using the most fuel-efficient vehicles. Try to keep your fuel costs down in whatever way you can, including having your drivers avoid making detours that can end up costing your firm more.

Training and Personnel

If you’ve been operating a fleet for a number of years, you’ll know when you’ve had a really good week. In such a week, you’ll have had no drivers call you from the side of the road with an issue, no complaints from patient customers, and no missed deliveries from one of your partners that ends up reflecting badly on you. Many of the factors that can make a great week for your firm are to do with your staff, how they’re trained, and how they act on the job. Securing and retaining the best drivers will set you in good stead to make higher profits in 2023.

To do this, you need to offer your experienced, reliable drivers bonuses and pay increases to keep them in your vehicles. If you can see, in their performance data, that they’re consistently driving profits for your firm, you need to keep them. Your younger drivers, who are still cutting their teeth in the profession, might benefit from a little training too. Consider asking your more senior drivers to help them learn the ropes, teaching them how to save you money and earn themselves bonus payments too. Incentives, such as bonus payments, are also a brilliant way of securing reliability from your drivers.


While there is a human dimension to every delivery, there’s also a dimension that humans simply cannot take into account: data. You cannot process all of the data points about your business in your head at any one time, which means that you might be missing out on valuable insights that could help you drive your profits higher. Among these might be how to fill your trucks with bigger loads and which routes to send trucks on to make the most out of their time on the roads.

All of this can now be generated by sophisticated logistics apps and software, which is designed to help you manage larger fleets and more responsibilities, always choosing the most efficient option when you’re confronted with a resourcing dilemma. Research the best option for your firm before asking for a demonstration from the software provider.

Make your trucks more profitable for your business in 2023 with the quick tips outlined above.