Our Story

As the founder and owner of MC Beauty, my goal has always been to create skincare solutions that not only nourish the skin but also tend to and nurture the soul. Having found myself struggling to maintain clear skin at the height of the pandemic, I began to educate myself regarding the science of skincare. Right away I realized consistency and commitment were the antidote to my acne-afflicted complexion. But at that point of time exhaustively juggling the roles and responsibilities of being a mom, wife and busy career woman was my norm. Preoccupied with the needs and expectations of others, I seldom set aside time for myself. Unfortunately, the health of my skin suffered due to my unintentional negligence. Determined to rectify my problem skin with the multifaceted benefits of self-care, I devised a regimen that helped elevate my consciousness as it reawakened and reestablished the natural beauty of my skin. This is when I realized my personal self-care skin regimen could aid other like-minded women beginning to embark on their own journeys of self-care. It was at this very moment MC Beauty was brought to fruition.



MC Beauty is a luxury skincare brand that empowers (and equips) women to reclaim and reimagine ‘me’ time. Our latest collection has been methodically designed to encourage relaxation, reflection and reprieve from daily pressures and responsibilities.

Our Products



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THE BEAUTY BUNDLE ( Oily/ Acne prone skin)


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Hydrating Face cream


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Luxe Collection ( Combination/ Dry skin)


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Luxe Collection Travel Set


Brand Ambassador Program

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If you’re obsessed with MC Beauty Brand and brag about our products to all your friends, then it’s a total no-brainer to make some extra cash at the same time! This is the perfect opportunity for you to make some extra income and be apart of a growing brand/ team.   

Here’s how it works:   

1. We’ll create a personalized Ambassador Code just for you.  

2. You’ll share it with all your friends and family, giving them 10% OFF the Luxe Collection Kit on our website when they use your code.  

3. Anytime someone purchases with your code, you’ll receive a $50 for each luxe kit you sell!  All you need is a PayPal account to get paid.  

Oh, and did we mention all the other perks? We’re talking free products, exclusive MC Beauty swag, team outings , luxury spa days for top performers and more!  

NOTE* This only applies to the Luxe Collection   

So how do I sign up?

It’s simple: Just fill out the application below.  We’ll review it and reach out to you within a few days! 

For any questions email us at info@mcbeautybrand.com