Meta Launch Reels for Facebook Worldwide

Facebook will also bring a "Drafts" feature to its Reels.

Meta Launch Reels for Facebook Worldwide

Meta launches Reels to Facebook globally. This feature that was previously only available on Instagram is also available on the Facebook app for Android and iOS in more than 150 countries.

To expand access to Reels, Meta also added editing features to the Facebook version of Reels. In addition, the advertising options in the Facebook version of Reels are also expanded.

Quoting The Verge, Wednesday (2/23/2022), most of the above new features are already available on Facebook Reels in the US and other markets, as well as on Instagram Reels in the US and more than 50 other countries.

With the above editing features, Facebook Reel users can remix other people’s videos to duet with them and upload clips up to 60 seconds long, just like Reels on Instagram.

Users can also save drafts and Meta will be adding a new video clipping tool in the coming months.

This clipping tool will later make it easier for content creators who publish live or feature-length videos to test different formats.

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Not only that, Meta adds more ad monetization to Facebook Reels. That means, there will be more ads on Facebook Reels.

Ad formats on Facebook Reels are available in two new formats, namely banner ads that appear transparently at the bottom of Facebook Reels. Another one is static sticker ads that creators place anywhere on their Reels.

Meta will also give creators access to an automated ad placement program and launch Stars, a way for fans to donate directly to creators.

“In the coming weeks, users will be able to share Reels in more places on Facebook, including on the Stories and Watch tabs,” said Meta.

Although Meta has successfully cloned several features belonging to its rivals. like copying Snapchat’s Story functionality for Instagram.

its ability to challenge TikTok in the world of short video is still considered insignificant.

Get closer to the newly released Facebook Reels feature

Facebook today released Facebook Reels which is similar to a similar feature on Instagram.

In addition to functioning to create user-created short videos, Reels on Facebook has several access and other interesting features to recognize.

Citing a Facebook press release on Wednesday, here are some of the Reels features that are available on Facebook and that users take advantage of.

The first feature is “Remix”, users can create reply Reels side by side with Reels that have been shared publicly on Facebook.

When a user creates a “Remix”, the user can create Reels that includes all or part of the Reels content of other creators.

The second feature is “60-second Reels”, a feature that allows users to create short videos with a longer duration than the usual 60-second reels.

Facebook will also bring a “Drafts” feature to its Reels.

thus users can create more calmly and can select the “Save As Draft” option under the Save button.

“Video Clipping” feature in Facebook Reels which hasn’t been launched yet but will be released in the near future.

This feature makes it easy for creators who like to share live or long-form videos.

create video footage and test it in various video content formats before publishing.

in the coming weeks Facebook will roll out an update on Reels.

to make it easier for Facebook residents to find.

Some of the embedded updates include “Reels in Stories”, “Reels in Watch”, “Top pf Feed”, and “Suggested Reels in Feed”.

For “Reels in Stories”, users can easily share Reels to their Facebook Stories and give creators greater visibility and reach. Users can also create Reels from existing “Stories” content.

For “Reels in Stories”, users can easily share Reels to Facebook Stories. and give creators greater visibility and reach. Users can also create Reels from existing “Stories” content.

Next to “Reels in Watch”, users will easily watch Reels directly in the “Watch” tab.

Facebook is planning to develop a new tool to allow you to create Reels in the “Watch” tab.

The latest update provided by Facebook is “Suggested Reels in Feed”, this feature is only valid in certain countries. Facebook provides suggestions about Reels content that users might like on its Homepage from people the user has never followed.

Facebook initiated the cross-platform Reels integration between Facebook and Instagram.

so that users’ videos can be easily shared on both platforms.