Methods for the Rectification of QuickBooks Error 15240

QuickBooks Error 15240
QuickBooks Error 15240

Small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as people who operate as independent contractors, regard QuickBooks as one of the most reliable accounting programs. It’s fantastic accounting capabilities, which make managing suppliers, customers, and workers easier and allow for online tax filing, are the reason for its appeal. Regular updates to QuickBooks and its features are necessary for error-free operation; however, sometimes, problems arise while updating payroll. The payroll update is interrupted by QuickBooks Error 15240, which causes the user to see the notice “Error 15240: The payroll update did not finish successfully.” This error is one of the ones we’ll talk about in this post. For comprehensive details, read the entire article.

If you need help with immediately fixing the QuickBooks error code 15240, you can give us a call on our toll-free number, 1.855.738.2784, to speak to our technical team experts.

What factors can possibly lead to the 15240 error in QuickBooks?

Factors that can possibly lead to the 15240 error in QuickBooks include the following:-

  1. Your windows registry could have some internal issues.
  2. You might have installed QuickBooks incorrectly or incompletely.
  3. The date and time settings on your system can be a potential cause for the error if set incorrectly.
  4. Third-party applications or the windows firewall can also restrict the update and result in the error.
  5. The internet security settings can also restrict the QuickBooks application.
  6. You might be using QuickBooks in multi-user mode or without admin privileges.

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What are the steps to take to rectify the QB Error code 15240?

Steps to take to rectify the QB Error code 15240 include the following:-

Change the security settings in Internet Explorer on your system

In order to change the security settings in Internet Explorer on your system:-

  1. Click the Tools button in the upper right corner of Internet Explorer after it has opened.
  2. Find the Advanced tab by navigating.
  3. Mark the Use SSL 3.0 and Use SSL 2.0 checkboxes under the Security section, and after clicking Apply, press OK.

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For the QuickBooks Installation Folder, grant permissions

In order to grant permissions for the QuickBooks installation folder:-

  1. Open Windows File Manager after closing the QuickBooks Desktop program.
  2. Click the Intuit folder with the right mouse button when in the C: Program Files directory.
  3. To access the Advanced tab, click Properties.
  4. Examine the User Group to see if it is set as the Owner.
  5. Click the Change left arrow next to the Owners section under Advanced Security Settings.
  6. Put the names of the Users in the field marked “Enter the object name to choose,” then click “Check Names.”
  7. To replace the Owner of sub-containers and objects, choose Replace owner and then click OK.
  8. Select Full Control under the Permissions heading, then click Users.
  9. Once more, press OK after selecting Apply.

These are the steps to rectify the QuickBooks error 15240. Additionally, you can also add QuickBooks as an exception in your windows firewall to exempt it from getting restricted. If the error still occurs, you can give us a quick call on our toll-free number, 1.855.738.2784, and get technical assistance from our QuickBooks Experts.

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