Minor Policy Changes Coming to Spirit Airlines in 2022

Spirit Airlines Minor Policy
Spirit Airlines Minor Policy

Spirit Airlines’ policies for children, minors, and infants are straightforward and easy to understand. So that you can make reservations for your child with ease.

Spirit Airlines is without a doubt one of the best low-cost carriers in the United States. But, it is not incorrect to refer to it as an Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier. But, to maintain its status as an Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier. Spirit fees apply to almost everything. This includes fees for baggage, seat assignment, in-flight amenities, and, on occasion, making a reservation over the phone.

But, if we discuss Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program. The airlines adhere to some stringent but helpful guidelines. This can assist the child’s parents or guardians with reservations, boarding, check-in, and pick-up and drop-off.

Who Is A Minor According To Spirit Airlines Policy

According to Spirit Airlines, any child between the ages of 5 and 14 is a minor. As a result, Spirit will not allow any passenger in this age group, as well as children aged 4 and under, to travel alone on its flights.

Is it possible for minors to travel alone on Spirit Airlines

Yes, children can travel alone on Spirit Airlines. But, certain terms and conditions apply. That we must consider when booking a flight for a minor or travelling with an infant.

Children’s Spirit Age Rule

4 Years and Under

A lap child or infant is defined as a child aged 4 years and under by Spirit Airlines. As before stated, Spirits never allows a child from this group to travel alone on any of its domestic or international flights. But, if a passenger over the age of 15 is travelling with the child. Only children aged 4 and under are to with Spirit Airlines. This is also limited to the domestic market.

B/w the ages of 5 and 14 years

According to Spirit Airlines’ policy. A minor is any passenger aged 5 to 14 years. But, children of this age can travel alone and will Unaccompanied Minors. A minor travelling alone, but, can only. But, if the minor is by an adult. Only then can a child board an international flight.

Over the Age of 15

Passengers in this age group will not be minors, but rather adults. But, if the passenger from this age group’s parents or guardians still must the unaccompanied minor service. Then, for a small fee, you can make the same request.

Booking A Flight For Minor Terms & Conditions

  • Spirit Airlines does not allow children under the age of four to travel alone.
  • Domestic flights, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, allow passengers aged 5 to 14 to alone.
  • A Minor can only travel on direct flights.
  • Spirit Airlines will never transport an unaccompanied minor on an international flight.
  • Minors are not permitted to travel on connecting flights or on flights that must change to complete the journey.
  • Snacks and beverages will be available while flying with the Spirit. But, the parent(s) or guardians must pay a more fee for the same.

What Are The Service Fees For A Minor And An Infant?

According to Spirit Airlines policy, an unaccompanied minor will be charged a service fee of $100 per passenger each way. A lap child or an infant, but, can travel for free. But, some taxes and fees will apply when visiting certain countries.

As the image above shows, the Unaccompanied Minors Fee is $100 per customer, each way. This includes the cost of your child’s snacks and beverages. But, these fees are unrelated to the route your child will take. That is, the fee of $100 is regardless of the fare or total ticket amount.

Making Spirit Airlines Reservations for a Minor

  • When booking a room for an unaccompanied minor. Enter the number of kids. But, the number of adults must be set to zero.
  • After selecting the “From” and “To” locations, as well as the trip type and date. After you click the “Search Flights” button. A pop-up window will appear. This must be in with the age of the child or children travelling. About the correct fare calculation. Spirit requires your child’s correct date of birth.
  • After entering your child’s birth date. The next screen at Spirit Airlines will tell you whether the child travelling is considered a minor. If the child is considered a minor. Then press the “Accept” button. Follow the instructions on the screen. Check the minor’s details, pay for it, and you’re done.

If your child is travelling alone, make an online reservation for them. Please contact Spirit Airlines at So that they can assist you with check-in, boarding, and other formalities. But, if you are travelling with an infant, the same rules will apply. Although you do not have to pay the full fare for an infant on Spirit Airlines. But, you must pay the applicable taxes and fees.

As a result, Spirit Airlines Minors Policy. If you’re travelling with a child. So that the reservation can be made without any errors or complications.