Mobile phone technology in the field of health

Mobile phone technology in the field of health

In many countries of the developing world where there is no fast way to collect and disseminate useful information related to public health, a medical doctor and his organization use mobile phone technology and the World Wide Web. Is providing vital services in developing countries to provide access to health care to the people.

A new use of mobile phone technology has been discovered in African countries. Public health workers in Kenya are using mobile phones to obtain information about their patients’ health and to pass this information on to medical professionals in remote hospitals. Yes, and this is the result of Dr. Joel Selle’s good work.

The idea to use information technology in healthcare came to Dr. Sally Nikeo while he was conducting research on epidemiological diseases at the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Started working in the field.

Five years ago, Dr. Selenique quit his job with his partner, Rosa Donna, to set up a charity called, aimed at helping disadvantaged people access information technology – funded by the United Nations and the Vodafone Foundation. With the help of this, Dr. Sally Nikeo developed the EP Surveyor, an information-gathering tool, an independent, dynamic and web-based method that has changed the way healthcare is delivered in developing countries. This new tool saves medical staff time in addition to the hassle of storing patient health information in a bundle of paper files.

“It’s easier for us to collect data today for a campaign that starts tomorrow, instead of collecting data today for a health campaign next year,” he says.

Public health relies heavily on gathering accurate information, diagnosing epidemics, maintaining a supply of vaccines, and so on.

Yousef Ejek Ibrahim, a data manager with Kenya’s Department of Health and Hygiene, says the success of the device, called Epi Surveyor, was measured in 2006 when it stopped the spread of polio and saved thousands of children’s lives. If you have an epidemic, you can’t wait for medical experts from the United States to arrive.

Dr. Joel has been awarded the Lemelson Award this year for his invention by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the most important universities in the United States. And now it is being used for agriculture and for gathering public opinion.