The work of Juan Moreno Lopez-Calull, Kathryn Ireland, and Sandra Modrego is a testament to their artistic vision and impeccable taste. Their homes are a study in contrasts, with modern, clean lines paired with a rich collection of artwork. One work by Maurice Rich adds a striking visual punch to the apartment. The work of these three designers demonstrates their aesthetic vision, as well as the work of their talented team.

Kathryn Ireland

The signature style of Kathryn Ireland, Modrego home interior designer, exudes comfort and relaxation. The use of bold colours, textures, and bohemian vibes give her interiors a unique feel that’s both family-friendly and elegant. She’s also developed a textile line of stunning fabrics that will make any room look beautiful. Her clients include A-listers, Hollywood personalities, and top interior designers.

For remodeling or building a new home, Modrego home Interiors can help. Their designers are skilled in Spanish and are available for pre-construction consultations. In addition, they offer a wide range of interior design services, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling. They are updated on market trends to provide the best results. For more information on their services and portfolio, contact them through their website or social media pages.

Sandra Modrego

Home interiors by Sandra Modrego are a striking combination of art and function. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Sandra Modrego creates pieces based on the representation of the body in society. An advocate for freedom and authenticity, she explores the body and how it can be expressed through colours. Her recent series, Le Corps, explores the body’s freedom from social conventions and represents it as a pure subject of beauty.

Another of Sandra Modrego’s most striking projects is the front door, which was once a simple utilitarian piece. By painting her signature figure on the back of the door, she transformed it into a stunning focal point. Similarly, her use of vibrant colors on crown molding in the sitting room makes it pop against the white walls. This bold use of color adds a tropical touch to the home’s interior.

Juan Moreno Lopez-Calull

As the founder of John Brown Projects, a Barcelona-based interior design and art consultancy, Juan Moreno Lopez-Calull wanted his apartment to be a canvas for artists and a stage for his team to display their talents. His design philosophy was to make the apartment tell a story and reflect his aesthetic values. The result is an apartment that is as artistic as it is functional, while remaining timeless and welcoming.

From art to furnishings, Juan’s apartment is a showcase for unexpected pairings. A large, oversized dining table serves as an informal meeting and presentation area. A pair of chairs from the 1960s by FDB Mobler is a perfect example of his eclectic taste. These pieces have a modern yet timeless appeal and have been paired with a wide range of colors and styles to create a welcoming space.

Modrego home Interiors

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A Barcelona-based designer, Sandra Modrego draws inspiration from the representation of the body in society. As a passionate supporter of women’s freedom, her work uses bold colours and a sense of emotion to capture the viewers’ imaginations. Through her paintings, Modrego hopes to make people feel comfortable with their own bodies and celebrate the diversity of human form. Her new series, Le Corps, explores the concept of the body as pure subjectivity and beauty.