MongoDB Training in Gurgaon
MongoDB Training in Gurgaon


MongoDB is a cross-platform, document-oriented database program used to build highly scalable internet applications quickly. This platform is highly flexible and is extremely popular amongst developers using Agile methodologies in their development process. MongoDB was first released in 2009 and uses programming languages like JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, C, C++, etc. MongoDB is a highly popular NoSQL database platform increasingly used by various IT companies. Numerous institutes offer MongoDB Online Course to help aspiring professionals learn using this platform and make significant career advancements. A training certificate in MongoDB is highly beneficial for aspiring IT professionals and ensures job roles like software developers, IT developers, software architects, project managers, database professionals, etc.

This blog offers insight into the various aspects of the MongoDB course, its objectives, curriculums, and career scopes. Read on to learn more about the MongoDB course.

MongoDB Course Objectives And Curriculum

MongoDB, as mentioned earlier, is a rapidly growing application development framework. Therefore a training course in this platform can help aspiring developers make significant career advancements. These training courses aim to help professionals learn the basics and advanced-level utility of the MongoDB platform for application development. By enrolling in these courses, one can learn various tools and techniques used to make the best out of the MongoDB framework. In addition, these training courses provide certificates at the end of the course. These training certificates validate one’s skills as a professional and help one advance in the hiring process.

The MongoDB course curriculum includes the following:

  • Introduction to MongoDB and its applications
  • Materialized Views on Demand, Text Search, Capped Collections, Database References, etc.
  • Building a database access application and manipulating data using the numerous APIs on MongoDB.
  • Mongo’s technical skills to develop a software application.
  • Hands-on training and experience in installing and using the MongoDB database.

Job Scopes and Salary Expectation With MongoDB

MongoDB is getting increasingly popular amongst various industry sectors. Some of the top sectors that use MongoDB include the IT Sector, Medical Sector, Banking, and Finance, Transportation, Travel Industry, eCommerce, Media and Entertainment industry, etc. The top companies that hire MongoDB professionals include Amazon, Accenture, American Express, FedEx, Google, IBM, Infosys, Microsoft, NETFLIX, etc.

There are numerous institutes training aspiring professionals in the MongoDB platform. One can join the MongoDB Training in Gurgaon to develop the best skills on this platform and get placed in some of the top companies mentioned above. With a MongoDB training certification, one can get placed with a salary package of $53,000 as a beginner. This salary can later increase with experience and knowledge.


To sum up, MongoDB is a highly effective application development platform. It is a rapidly growing platform used by top companies like Infosys, Microsoft, NETFLIX, etc. MongoDB therefore can be used in various sectors, including IT industries, transportation, entertainment industry, healthcare industry, etc. Various institutes offer MongoDB training courses to enable them to learn the essential skills to run this framework. These courses are tailored to industry trends and help one learn the basics and advanced aspects of the MongoDB framework. The MongoDB courses are well suited for IT developers, testers, analytics professionals, etc., to help them stay updated with the latest technological trends.