Monitor your child activities with windows monitoring software


The protection and security of the kids should be the primary responsibility of the parents in all aspects. The parents are having pressing concerns over the excessive usage of the internet and digital networks by their kids. 

The kids are excessively contacted by the cyber criminals through social networks and other internet channels, which pave the way for impacting the kids’ lives. The most common results of such activities are cyber bullying, harassment, cyber predating, and sex offending. 

For the purpose of negating the impact of such issues, the expert suggests the parent for using the windows monitoring software. The best windows monitoring software nowadays is TheOneSpy. It can be installed on the target PC without any hassle. The key offerings of the app are as follows. 

Surround Listening

The Surround Listening feature of the windows monitoring software allows the parent to keep a close check and watch on the activities of the target child. This very feature of the spy app actually bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target device and records all the surrounding activities. 

The surrounding sounds and activities are then stored and saved in the form of short clips over the online dashboard of windows monitoring software. 

The parent can turn the mic or camera of the target PC on, at any point of time whenever the parent thinks if there is something fishy. 

This feature is really vital and significant for the working and single parents because they cannot afford to be there all the time monitoring the kids. If the child manages to get in touch with the cyber criminals, or tries to connect with them virtually, the feature serves well in both the aspects.

The screen recording

The screen recording feature furnishes the vital insights into the real-time activities of the target users. The parent can assign the app to record all the screen activities while the kid uses the certain applications of social media platforms over the PC.

This very feature of the windows monitoring software allows the parent to customize the app into recording all the live performing screen activities in the form of short clips, these clips are subject to having different time duration, as prescribed by the parent.

These short videos are then stored over the online dashboard of TheOneSpy. The parent can access the certain data by logging in to the online dashboard. In this manner, all the communication of the child remains in full control and access of the parent, even if the parent is not there to monitor. 

Productive and unproductive tabs 

This feature is quite amazing. It allows the parents to assign productive and unproductive tabs for the kid to browse. When the parent assigns the certain tabs, TheOneSpy windows monitoring software then generates a log of all the activities that are performed while using such tabs. 

The parent can assign the tabs that include academic activities as productive, whereas the tabs with possibility of communication with cyber criminals can be assigned as unproductive.

Viewing the log file, the parent of the child will be able to find out the true spirit of activities that are taken up by the child during a certain course of time. 

Internal storage tracking

The internal storage monitoring feature of TheOneSpy allows the parents to look into all the data that is stored internally over the target PC. The documents, images and videos stored and other aspects of internal storage can be tracked all the way to get a clear view of activities of the kids over the target PCs.

The browsing history and other browser functions can be extensively monitored. The parent can remotely access the browsing history detail of the target PC. 

Website blocking

The website blocking feature restricts the access of the child to the immoral and inappropriate content, and forbids the child from viewing adult content. The parent can block a number of websites that are prone to having presence of immoral content. 

The websites that are blocked will not be accessible from the target PC. 


The best solution for monitoring kids’ activities is by using the windows monitoring software. The best software in this aspect is TheOneSpy. The key features and there working is discussed.