Most Common Mistakes People Make When Painting Cabinets

Cabinets Painting

Hey there, DIY enthusiast! Are you thinking about giving your kitchen a fresh look by painting those cabinets? Hold onto your paintbrush because there’s more to it than just splashing on some color. Let’s walk through the common mistakes folks make when tackling this project and see how professional cabinets painting in Columbia Falls MT can save the day and your kitchen. Painting cabinets might seem straightforward, but it’s easy to slip up.

Skipping The Prep Work For Cabinets Painting 

Have you ever tried painting over a dirty wall? The same goes for cabinets! The number one slip-up people make is not prepping their cabinets properly. Imagine this: you’re painting over grease, old spills, or dust. What happens? That paint won’t stick!

Before you dream of that perfect shade, you must thoroughly clean those cabinets. And I mean, get in there with a degreaser and a scrub brush. After cleaning, don’t forget to sand them down. This gives your paint a nice surface to cling to. Professionals never skip this step—they know it’s the key to long-lasting beauty.

Choosing the Wrong Paint 

Have you ever seen paint peel off like old wallpaper? That happens when you pick the wrong type of paint for your cabinets. Not all paints are buddies with all surfaces. Cabinets need durable paint to handle all the opening, closing, and occasional bumps.

Some folks grab any old paint can, but pros in cabinets painting in Columbia Falls MT use specially formulated products tough enough to stand up to kitchen chaos. They’ll also guide you on the best finish—glossy for easy cleaning or matte for a modern look. So, why not trust a painter who’s up for the challenge?

Forgetting The Primer 

Primer is like the best friend who makes sure you look good—skipping it is like heading to an important interview in your pajamas—not the best impression! Primer helps paint stick better and last longer. It also makes sure the actual color of the paint shines through, not dulled by whatever shade was on your cabinets before. Cabinet painting services in Columbia Falls know that primer saves you from repainting too soon and gives your finish that smooth, envy-inducing look. Do you see how crucial this step is?

Rushing The Job 

Patience is a virtue, especially when painting kitchen cabinets! Rushing can lead to mishaps like drips, streaks, or uneven coverage. Imagine taking all that time to pick the perfect color, only to mess it up because you were in a hurry. Not cool, right? Experts of kitchen cabinet painting in Columbia Falls understand that good things take time. This careful approach prevents a ton of headaches down the road.

Overlooking the Hardware 

Last but not least, the hardware. It’s like the jewelry of your cabinets! Painting over hinges and handles is a no-go. It makes your project look sloppy and can cause hardware to stick. The trick is to remove all hardware before painting.

It sounds like a chore, but it makes a huge difference. It’s a small change that can make your cabinets look brand new. Experts in cabinet painting services in Columbia Falls never cut corners here; they carelessly treat every detail, making their work shine.

Ignoring the Environment 

Before you start painting, think about where you are. Temperature and humidity play significant roles. The paint won’t dry properly if it’s too cold or damp. This can make it look not good later. You want a just right day—not too hot or cold. Open windows can help keep the air moving.

This ensures the paint dries well and it’s safe to breathe. It might take a bit more planning, but it’s worth it. You’ll end up with cabinets that look great and last long. Pros always check the weather and air out the room. It’s a step you shouldn’t skip.

Mismatching Styles and Colors

Picking colors and styles is fun but tricky. You want your cabinets to match your kitchen’s look. Think about your counters, walls, and floors—do they go well together? It’s wise to use a color that fits with the style you already have. For example, soft whites or grays look good in many kitchens.

But what if you like bold colors? Test them first. Use swatches to see how they look with your kitchen’s lighting. Pros in kitchen cabinet painting in Columbia Falls are excellent at helping you choose the right shades. They know what colors last and look timeless. This means you won’t need to repaint soon. It saves time and money. It’s a step towards a kitchen you’ll love.

Using Cheap Tools 

The tools you use matter as much as the paint. Cheap brushes and rollers can ruin your project. They often shed bristles or don’t spread the paint well. This can leave marks on your cabinets that are hard to fix. Investing in good tools means smoother painting. Good brushes and rollers make the paint go on neatly.

This makes your cabinets look like a pro did them. Also, remember to use painter’s tape. It keeps your lines sharp and clean—no paint on hinges or countertops. Pros never use low-quality tools. They know that better tools make the job easier and the finish nicer. So, think about what you use before you start. It can make a big difference.

Neglecting Touch-Ups and Finishes 

Once you think you’re done painting, check again. Look for spots you might have missed or areas that need a second coat. Touch-ups are important. They make sure your cabinets look even and finish. Also, applying a final sealant or finish can protect your paint job. It makes the cabinets more straightforward to clean and keeps the color looking fresh.

Pros always go back and check their work. They ensure everything is perfect. This attention to detail makes their work stand out. Remember, it’s the little things that count. A well-done touch-up can make your cabinets look fantastic. So, give it the time and care it needs.


There you have it! Painting cabinets isn’t just about picking a color and brushing it on. It’s about doing it right, with attention to detail from start to finish. By avoiding these common pitfalls and leaning on the expertise of Glacier Peaks Painting, you’re set for a kitchen transformation that’s both stunning and enduring. Grab your paint samples, and let’s make your cabinets pop!