Most Popular Wholesale Hair Extensions in USA

hair extensions
hair extensions

Are you ready to make a change? Whether you’re looking for an additional income stream or want to completely overhaul your career, we may have the answer. We offer high-quality hair extensions that can give you flexibility, consistency, and complimentary services in your salon. But maybe you don’t know how or where to start? Well, you’re in luck because Halo Couture Hair is one of the leading providers of exceptional-quality retail and wholesale hair extensions. To help you make up your mind, allow us to show you our most popular products and why they’re worth every dollar. These products are not only going to be cost-effective but a fast full-proof way for you to add value to your life and business.”


Halo Couture’s hair come in a wide range of styles and colors, making them perfect for any style. Our clip-ins are made from high-quality human hair and can be used with your own or your client’s hair. They’re applied by clipping onto your own or your client’s existing hair using pressure-sensitive clips that don’t pull on the natural hair. Halo Couture clip-ins is a gentle and safe alternative to nasty glues, toxic adhesives, and harsh bonding solutions. Our silicone-lined clips mean that even the finest hair is protected when installing a set of our amazing clip-in extensions. The colors we offer include solid colors, beautiful blondes, and flawlessly blended balayage and ombre shades such as coconut grove and solar eclipse. Balayage clip in hair extensions before and after are amongst our bestsellers because they allow women to pull off a flawlessly natural look without having to wear hair extensions full time.


Clip-in ponytail extensions are a must-have piece of the season. Slick back ponies have been spotted on every major celebrity and are all over your Instagram feeds! They are sleek and chic, and the best part is you can use clip-in ponytail extensions with your own hair type, not just those wanting to add a sophisticated touch to their typical daytime look. Like all of our wholesale extensions, our clip-in ponies are double-drawn, thick from top to bottom, and made from premium remy hair.


Halo Couture’s tape-ins are among the most popular methods of permanent extensions. Individual tapes are applied to the natural hair using a high-grade adhesive. This seamless color coordination and wide construction ensure comfortable placement, durability, and flatness. They can be blended into the natural hair seamlessly without causing any damage to it. Tapes have become our stockists’ #1 go-to choice for extensions—and it’s easy to see why! With our competitive pricing, speed in installation, the longevity of the product, and great return business for you, we’re your one-stop shop for wholesale extensions. Our tapes come in 20″ and 26″ lengths in an impressive range of beautiful shades such as ombre and balayage; highlights; toned blondes; and other stunning solid colors. Our premium quality polyurethane top ensures long-lasting wear.”


No doubt, you have heard the buzz surrounding these extensions. This is instant, can be installed by anyone, and are completely damage-free because of their ingenious attachment method. Halo hair extensions are perfect alternatives to clip-in or bonded hair extensions. Our halo hair have greatly fascinated women who are looking to achieve an instant-brand new look without the fear of damaging their hair. These are made with a “miracle” invisible wire and so they are totally undetectable. They come in 20″ and 26″ lengths (over 20 solid colors: ombre and balayage shades), with highlights.


Halo Couture Hair offers the highest-quality Remy hair on the market today. We have a variety of hair extension methods, including fusions, microbeads, and wefts. Providing you with the finest hair quality at reasonable prices is reflected in every extension we send out. Our Hair is ethically sourced from all over the world and made from high-grade premium Hair. Whatever part of the world you are in, we can get your hair extensions shipped to you at no cost at all—you can trust this when offering your long-term clients Halo Couture remy human hair extensions that are sure to be durable and very high-quality. You may also offer your clients a discount for every additional purchase they make from now on; this way you can keep them coming back for more!