Most Trusted Resources for Free Business Textbooks


This article is a must-read for all those business students who are looking for the best and most trusted resources for free business management textbooks. We have highlighted here the best websites for free online business textbooks and physical textbooks. Read on to learn where and how you can get free business textbooks.

Best Resource for Free Business Textbooks

From free business mathematics textbooks to business management books for students, you can get hundreds of free business textbooks for graduate and undergraduate studies. The internet is loaded with educational support websites and open educational resources that work for affordable and accessible education and textbooks. 

We have compiled here the best study resources for students from where they can get free business textbooks. From Open Textbook Library to SolutionInn, the list has the top-rated and most trusted websites for free textbooks. Explore these websites and get the needed textbooks in digital or physical form free of cost.

Open Textbook Library

No matter whether you are a US citizen or not, if you need free business textbooks, you can get them from the Open Textbook Library. It is one of the biggest resources of free digital textbooks for students. From business management textbooks to business law and taxation, the website hosts hundreds of free books for business students and professionals.

The digital books available on the website are categorized into languages, license type, and more. There are around 1100 free textbooks available that you can download for free. These all resources are openly licensed, which means you can use and distribute them for free.


The mounting textbook prices are putting an extra burden on students, making them skip buying expensive textbooks. SolutionInn understands this and provides students with free business textbooks in new or used conditions. It is pertinent to mention that only a few websites provide free hard-copy books and SolutionInn is one of those sites.

The academic help website has a compilation of thousands of free textbooks covering business, science, arts, literature, engineering, and more subjects. However, one student is eligible for only one free textbook per semester. You can take advantage of the opportunity to get one textbook that exceeds your budget limit.     

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the oldest digital libraries and a highly recommended resource to get free eBooks. With more than 60,000 free digital books, Project Gutenberg turns out to be the biggest resource for open-license textbooks. As well as finding free business textbooks, you can also find here books of old literature with expired copyrights. The best part is that most of the textbooks available on the website are free to use, download, modify, and distribute. 

A team of professionals and volunteers has been working for Project Gutenberg to develop digitized books and ensure learning for all without discrimination. The platform also provides students with worth reading classic novels. Also, you can find the top downloaded books to pick up some of the epic books from the bulk.


OpenStax is another popular website for affordable textbooks. Unlike the other websites mentioned above, OpenStax offers both physical and digital books. Most of the digital books available here are free of cost, whereas the physical textbooks are reasonably priced. 

The best part about this resource is that you can request the service provider to arrange physical copies of eBooks. If you are not used to reading eBooks but found a worth-reading resource in digital format, you can pay the website to provide you with that book in hard copy. 

As well as free business textbooks, OpenStax provides valuable and free resources on different other subjects. It includes but is not limited to, science, mathematics, and social sciences. If you are searching for discounted books in hard copy, this website is a great option.     

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my textbooks for free?

You can get textbooks for free from SolutionInn. The academic support website provides US students with free textbooks for business, science, social science, engineering, humanities, and more graduate and undergraduate subjects. You get free textbooks with free shipping across the US.

How to Get Textbooks for Free?

Visit SolutionInn to find the needed textbook. Add the book to your cart and place an order to get the textbook delivered to your doorstep for free.

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