Need a Saturday Dentist Near Me? Here’s What to Do


If you need emergency saturday dentist near me, you have to know where to go and what to do when you get there. Here’s what you should know to make sure your Saturday dentist appointment goes smoothly, whether it’s your first time or not.


Find out if you have an emergency dentist near you

If they can’t and you have an emergent issue, call them and ask for their recommendation. They will know who has availability at that time. If they don’t know of any weekend dentists, it may be best to seek out urgent care.


Call your dentist, set up an appointment ASAP

A toothache, especially one that comes on suddenly, is usually a sign of an infection. That’s why if you have a sudden toothache and can’t see your dentist right away, it’s important to make sure you get into his or her office within 24 hours. Your dentist will be able to help you alleviate pain and figure out what treatment is needed immediately. Ideally, he or she will be able to confirm that your toothache isn’t due to something more serious like periodontal disease or an abscessed tooth.


Take ibuprofen before going to the dentist

You should always ask your dentist about over-the-counter painkillers before going to see them. If you experience severe tooth pain and need some relief, go ahead and take ibuprofen or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) before heading in, as they’ll help reduce swelling while you wait. Never take aspirin on its own as it can cause stomach ulcers, but it’s fine when combined with paracetamol (acetaminophen). Make sure you’re taking medication that is correct for your age group and weight. For example, children shouldn’t be taking NSAIDs until they turn 16 and pregnant women shouldn’t take any of these medications at all because of possible birth defects.


Ask about sedation dentistry, too

You can even call around and ask if they offer sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry helps you relax and focus, so you’re able to get through your dental treatment with minimal anxiety. When it comes time for your dental emergency, you don’t want anything getting in your way of good care. After all, life happens—we get stressed, we procrastinate (whether we’re talking about our health or something else), and sometimes things just need to be done on our own schedule, not one that works best for a dental office or procedure. If you think sedation dentistry might help you out during an emergency appointment, make sure that dentist near me open saturdays offers it before booking an appointment with them.


Pack your own toothbrush, floss, mouthwash and dental supplies

If you’re in pain, it can be hard to think clearly enough to find an open dentist near me. Once you’ve identified a dental office, don’t let yourself become distracted by social media or your phone; quickly gather all of your supplies, get in your car and go. If possible, call before hand and let them know that you might need care on short notice—this may help reduce wait times once you arrive at their office. The more prepared you are for quick visits like these, the less likely you are to face another painful emergency visit in the future.


Have your vitals checked before leaving for treatment

You may need emergency treatment for dental pain, but it’s also possible that you’re suffering from an infection or toothache. Before heading to your dentist near me open on Saturdays, call your dentist and have him check your vitals. Many dental offices are able to treat emergencies without an appointment, but if you arrive in serious pain. It’s best to give them some warning so they can get you in as soon as possible. Dental issues that are left untreated for long periods of time can quickly escalate into more complicated health problems. You don’t want something like gum disease affecting other organs in your body! Be sure to call first and have any dental pain evaluated by a professional before you leave home.