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Share some Network Appliance NCIE-DP Certification NS0-527 exam questions and answers below.
You are asked to create application-consistent Snapshot copies of VM guests that are running in your VMware environment that have datastores from an ONTAP 9.8 AFF cluster.
What is required to accomplish this task?
A.Virtual Storage Console
B.ONTAP System Manager
C.Active IQ Unified Manager
D.SnapCenter Software
Answer: D

You want to verify some data in an active volume; however, the verification process makes changes to the data. You must now verify the integrity of your data without disturbing the active file system.
In this scenario, which NetApp technology would be used?
Answer: D

Which NetApp technology helps to protect against ransomware attacks?
B.NetApp Volume Encryption
C.NetApp Aggregate Encryption
Answer: A

A customer is performing an ONTAP upgrade while an active SnapMirror transfer is occurring.
After the cluster node reboots, the SnapMirror subsystem reports the following error:
Failed to query transfer status. (Destination is in an invalid transfer state)
(Checkpoint data is invalid. (Invalid restart checkpoint provided to SnapDiff. Please delete this checkpoint and restart the transfer.))
Which two solutions would solve this issue? (Choose two.)
A.Reestablish a peering relationship between the two clusters in the SnapMirror relationship to restart the transfer.
B.Issue a hard abort of the current transfer and start a new update.
C.Delete the old relationship and recreate and initialize a new SnapMirror relationship.
D.Update the SnapMirror relationship with a new relationship label to transfer the invalid checkpoint data.
Answer: BC

Which NetApp technology would you use to physically separate non-routable SnapMirror network traffic?
C.cluster peer encryption
D.broadcast domains
Answer: B


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