Netflix Series Through ‘Strangers coming from Hell’ Supervisor


Choi Woo Shik, Son Seok Koo, and also Lee Hee Joon will definitely be actually starring in an amazing new K-drama “Murder DIEary.”

After months of dialogue, representatives validated that the duo in addition to Lee Hee Joon is actually readied to heading the future thriller funny series.

Netflix Validates Appoint for ‘Murder DIEary’

Netflix launched the triad as they team for “Murder DIEary” administered through Lee Chang Hee of the 2018 motion picture “Vanished” and also the thriller enigma K-drama “Unknown people coming from Heck.”

Inning accordance with the streaming titan, the future series says to the account of a common male that inadvertently gotten rid of a killer and also a investigative in unrelenting search of him.

In the “Murder DIEary,” Choi Woo Shik is actually readied to participate in the sign of Lee Tang, a common university pupil that acquires associated with a debate along with a consumer while operating as part-timer in a corner store. He located themself dropping his self-constraint and also subconsciously swings a hammer and also inadvertently gotten rid of the individual.

Nonetheless, he locates out that the target was actually a sequential killer; this motivated him towards understand that he has actually a supernatural potential towards recognize negative folks.

The occurrence pressed him towards improve right in to a dark hero that is actually readied to punish negative folks.

Nonetheless, regardless of his excellent objective, investigative Jang Nan Gam, represented through Son Suk Ku, performs the quest towards capture the dark hero.

When it comes to Lee Hee Hun, he took the role of a previous investigative called Song Chon that participated in Jang Nam Gan towards path Lee Tang’s location.

Adhering to the verification of top superstars, Netflix is actually however towards validate the begin of creation, along with the drama’s intended launch time.

At the same time, the triad is actually active servicing their future tasks and existing.

Son Seok Koo Returns Along with ‘D.P.’ 2, New Drama ‘Casino’

2022 seems to be a worthwhile year for the actor as he starred in certainly not merely back-to-back tasks yet also got difficult commend and also focus coming from customers.

Son Seok Koo captivates K-drama fans along with his strange however captivating sign, Mr. Gu in the hit melodrama “My Freedom Keep in minds.”

Atop it, customers were actually pulled towards his on-screen chemistry along with Kim Ji Won, dubbing all of them as the “prayer pair.”

At the elevation of the K-drama, Son Seok Koo’s comeback motion picture, “The Roundup” attacked much more than 12 thousand customers and also covered package workplace for full weeks.

Surprisingly, he is actually readied to heading a future series “Gambling enterprise” in addition to Lee Dong Hwi, “Squid Video activity” superstars Heo Sung Tae and also Kim Joo Ryoung.

Including in his forthcoming tasks is actually the much-awaited sequel “Design.P 2” reprising his role as Captain Im Ji Sup.

When it comes to his co-star Choi Woo Shik, “Murder DIEary” will definitely be actually his upcoming task after the rom-com “Our Precious Summer season” along with Kim Da Mi.