Sergio Aguero did not become a world champion in the Argentina national team. But the ex-Barcelona and Man City player still traveled to Qatar to support his former teammates in the Mundial final.

And even though Sergio ‘s path to the national team was not easy , it would be better if he streamed from home.

Aguero celebrated the victory of the Scaloni team in the locker room of the national team. Apparently, already out of habit, Kun went live. At some point, Sergio decided to try his hand at versification. The Argentine considered that the name of the Real Madrid midfielder Camavinga rhymes perfectly with the phrase “cara de pinga”.

Now let’s play linguists. From Spanish, the word “cara” is translated as “face”, and “pinga” is not the most censored version of the phrase “male genital organ”. It is not difficult to guess what Aguero had in mind.,58162401.html