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But we really see that certainly at the high school level as well across the board, across lines of race and class.
Q: It was just a comment about—that the gentleman made about mental health.
However, once the student enters, there is a considerable amount of resources for students to deal with mental health.
And I am in the University of California system now. Especially on elite colleges, there seems to be a considerable grade inflation.
I think there are other sort of drivers of that, like, social media—obviously, the pandemic is probably number one right now.
That becomes even harder.
Excellent Sheep is the name of that book.
And I think those are some of the things that I think are driving some of the mental health issues.
And so—but I think that that is not unique to elite colleges.
I mean, what drives kind of mental health issues may be slightly different for different young people.
But I taught a unit, for example, after the very sad situation at VPI, Virginia Polytech, over a decade ago.
So there are two types of kinds of dimensions to the mental health issues.
FASKIANOS: Thank you, Beverly.
Thank you so much for a very interesting conversation.