With the comeback of their 2nd full-length album, Glitch Mode, NCT DREAM has opened a Pop Up Store, or rather, Pop Up Arcade, for fans!

Not only as a place where fans can see the concept of NCT DREAM 2nd album, but also as a place for fans to meet, play together and also buy NCT ​​Dream 2nd album!

Let’s take a peek at what can be done at the Dream Pop Up Store in Seongsu-dong, Seoul which runs from April 1 to May 29.

1. Exchange ticket to circle card

When you buy NCT ​​Dream 2nd album and see a ticket, don’t throw it away, Yeorobun . Because you can exchange this ticket for a DREAM member circle card .

2. Aesthetic photos

Every side of this pop up store is Instagramable and a must for photos! Don’t forget that there are several NCT DREAM members’ signatures everywhere.

3. Play games

Not only Game -themed , but there are also games that can be played on the Pop Up Store! Starting from games like Tekken to games with NCT DREAM members as characters.

4. Buy merchandise

Are you sure you want to pass the opportunity to buy merch? When else can you buy a discounted NCT DREAM merch and without having to pay shipping costs?

5. Photos at the photo booth

Although the photo booth is a little more expensive, don’t miss this opportunity. Especially when the NCT DREAM members themselves have taken photos in the photobooth !

6. Buy albums

Although you must have bought one of the “Glitch Mode” albums if you have been to the DREAM Pop Up Store, but who knows if you want to buy another version of the album. Maybe you can also buy it as a gift for Yeorobun ‘s friend !

7. Documentation for keepsake

This is a once in a lifetime chance ! Don’t forget to take as many photos and videos as you can to look back later!

What are you waiting for Yeorobun ? Come on, for those in Korea, come to the NCT DREAM pop up store in Seongsu-dong, Seoul and show your support for NCT DREAM! Don’t forget to always keep the health protocols!