Gojek Clone App – Become The Leading On-Demand Business In Just A Week In Malaysia



Gojek Clone App is the King of any other App you might come across on Google Play Store, iOS App Store or maybe on Huawei Store. Why? Because it can offer more than 70 On-Demand Services through one Single App. Entrepreneurs investing in such an App are destined to become Billionaires in no time because of their Profit-Centric and Money-Minting Business Models that help them earn easy and quick money!


As already mentioned, the App can offer Multiple Services, but the list below explains only a handful of them:

1.Taxi/Moto Rides

With the App, anyone, even mothers like Amy can book a Taxi Ride within seconds. Passengers Traveling with a Toddler can also safely take the Ride as the App provides the option of ‘Child Seat Preference.’ So, when Amy is booking the ‘Basic’ Taxi type, she has to check the option of Child Seat Preference. Thus, her Ride Request gets connected with available Taxis equipped with a Child Seat.

2. Car/Moto Rentals

Ashley was flying from New York to Key West. Her flight had a layover of 4 hours 30 minutes in Houston, Texas. Rather than waiting at the Airport, Ashley decided to take a ride around the city and explore the local street market. On the Gojek Clone App, she booked Car Rental for 2 hours. The Car Rental Driver picked her up and then went around the roads to Local Street Shops. From the shops, she thrifted a few Boots, Jewelry, and Clothes for her younger sister. Through this Stop/Shop/Eat Feature of the App, Ashley could add Multiple Stop-Over Points and Paused the Rides in between for Shopping.

Once she was done shopping, the Car Rental Driver dropped her off at the Airport from where she had the connecting flight.

3. Delivery Runner

Rebecca runs Small Bakery Business from her home. One of her Customers made an online payment and ordered 30 Ferrero Rocher Stuffed Cupcakes. Well, she baked and packed the Order nicely, but Oops she cannot use her Car because it is at the Garage for its Periodic Service. Now she cannot deliver the parcel herself, so she hired a Delivery Runner through the App. The Delivery Runner Mathew picked-up the Cupcake Package and delivered it to Amy’s Customer within 15 minutes!

4. Beauty Services

After a very long time, Macy got the chance for a Self-Care Routine on the coming weekend as she was all busy planning a Client’s wedding. So, she thought of treating herself with Better Than Botox (Microneedling) Facial to treat her Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Collagen Increase, and Fine Lines. On the App, she searched for this Specific Facial, and a list of Facial Experts came up on the screen. Based upon the Ratings and Reviews of the Facial Expert, Macy can now choose which Service Provider she wants to book.

5. Car Wash Services

Jared is planning a road trip to Vegas with his friends. Before they leave for the trip, Jared booked a car wash Service – Premium Treatment for Clean Interior. A Car Cleaning Expert comes to his home with a Packed Kit of Tools and Equipment. Under the Service, the Expert removes Dirt and Stains from the Interiors, preserves the Plastic and Paint Finish, Removes and Cleans Greasy Residues.

Now Jared’s car looks all shiny and sturdy to go on a Long Road Ride.

Parcel Delivery to Single or Multiple Destinations, availing Services of a Masseuse, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians and Security Guards. The list of such Life-Enhancing Services goes on with an App like Gojek in Malaysia!

Features That Might Catch Your Attention

1.Restricted Passengers limit to ensure Social Distancing

Adhering to the strict Covid-19 Safety Guidelines by the World Health Organization, the App Owner can now set the allowed number of Passengers per Ride which has been reduced to just two for Mini Cabs. This Restricted Limit is informed to the Passengers before they request for the Trip. Similarly, the Taxi Driver is also informed to take only a specified number of Passengers on the Trip.

2. Voice Instructions for Delivery Drivers

The App Users can now record and upload a Voice Note with Instructions for the Delivery Driver. Through the Voice Note, the Customers can instruct the Delivery Driver about where to park their two-wheelers, where to drop off the Package, or how to deliver the Package. Once the Delivery Driver drops off the package, they click a picture of the Package kept at the Customer’s Door and upload it on the App. This picture acts as a proof of ‘Successful Delivery.’

3. OTP Verification before the Service Starts

A 4-Digit, Numeric OTP is sent on the Register Phone Number and email ID of the Service Provider. Only after they punch in the OTP that the Verification is successful and completed. Now they can start their Task/Service. This Features acts as an extra Security Layer that makes the Service more transparent for the App Users.

This feature can be incorporated in a number of Services like Beauticians, Masseuse, Taxi Bookings, Parcel Delivery, etc.

Other Features that can complement your Gojek like App are:

  • Booking Instant Taxi Rides using iWatch
  • Taxi Driver’s Face Mask Verification
  • Graphical Status of the Service/Order through In-App Push Notifications
  • GDPR Cookie Consent Pop-up that appears on the Websites asking users whether to delete the Browsing History or the Website Data.


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