On-Site Assistance in Turkey


   On-site assistance in Turkey is crucial, especially for newly-established foreign companies or subsidiaries. It can be challenging for foreign companies to set things just right once the business owners finish the establishment process.

   This process may involve several drawbacks as it has never been easy to complete the corporation starting process flawlessly. Even after the business establishment, business owners and the company’s structure need to function correctly. And when a problem occurs, it is required to be fixed as soon as possible.

   In this regard, on-site assistance will be beneficial for your corporation. On-site is critical since it does jobs ranging from simple computer-related difficulties to company-specific software and other issues.

   However, finding the trustworthy and proper on-site assistance team or company is not easy, even in a foreign country in which your related company is formed. ERAI Turkey is ready to offer its on-site assistance services with professionalism for foreign companies and business organizations within this scope.

   With the outsourcing of ERAI Turkey, companies can deal with the problems and requirements swiftly and precisely. The outsourcing will both benefit your staff members and business relations.

   On the other hand, ERAI Turkey’s services are not restricted to on-site assistance for already-established companies’ issues.

   It can also offer its services to foreign investors who are willing to expand their business to Turkey and need help regarding the company’s physical location and the necessary documents.

The company can provide on-site assistance for foreign business owners to establish a new branch or subsidiary for their business.

   Besides, ERAI Turkey can help you with further operations such as opening a bank account, receiving tax identification, and getting recognized legally by the local authorities. 

This article includes the following subheadings to reinforce the idea of on-site assistance in Turkey and assist business owners more precisely:

  •         What is an On-Site Assistance?
  •         What are the Benefits of the On-site Assistance?
  •         What are the Differences between On-Site and Off-Site Assistance?


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   On-site support is critical to the protection of the business systems. On-site assistance can be provided by either a team integrated within the company’s organizational structure or by an outsourcing firm.

   Employing a technical support provider on your premises to handle concerns is still a necessary business requirement. In the presence of an engineer, an expert can provide full-time services.

   On-site assistance in Turkey is not dependent on connectivity or management communication software. Besides, it is available online and offline, yet its availability is restricted by the number of required employee hours per day.


   Getting the help of an on-site assistance service is very important and beneficial for your company. It will fix every problem that you and your company formation are facing. Besides, the benefit of on-site assistance is not restricted to just one article. Here are the advantages of getting on-site assistance for your corporation:

  •   Accessibility

   When there are issues with the business operation or technical equipment, corporations must have someone physically present to repair them. For instance, if the computer won’t run, there’s no way to fix it remotely; a technician needs to be physically present to inspect the equipment.

   Rather than possibly waiting for hours for a specialist to arrive, diagnose, and fix the problem, having someone in-house might handle your hardware problem in minutes.

   Having in-house help can also lead to a more accurate diagnosis. An on-site person may notice issues that you assume are irrelevant but are actually a significant factor in the problem.

  •  Being Able to Monitor the Process

   People doing business and running companies want to track every process related to the operation of the company. This is why on-site assistance is significant for corporations.

   In on-site assistance, you do not need to wait for someone to call you a while later for solving your problem. With technical service being physically on your premises, you can monitor every process without any doubt.

   You can be confident that the expert is working on your problem and that you are not merely waiting in line, and you can monitor the progress.

  •  The Communication Easiness

   One of the benefits of on-site assistance in Turkey is that companies and board managements can always get into communication as the technical service is being in the company physically. 

   Having someone physically in the corporation makes it simpler to express the problem or, even better, demonstrate the issue in person. This can lead to a far more accurate diagnosis.

   On the other hand, the people providing the solutions can build relationships with your staff member and other people that are in the company. This will enhance the work amount and staff members’ energy.

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