One Entrepreneur’s Journey from Student to Business Owner


Student Beans is a student discount and loyalty network that helps you to engage your customers more effectively. It is a great way to reward your students and to increase sales.

Student Beans Review shows that it verifies student identity online, providing you with accurate enrolment data and a platform to launch your discount program.

Student Beans was made essentially for understudies from secondary school to school-going individuals. It is utilized by right around 163 million individuals in 50+ nations. They are known to join forces with famous brands and organizations to offer understudies select arrangements and limits.

Recruitment and expansion at Student Beans!

Over the past two years, the Student Beans audit has extended from 120 to more than 200 representatives around the world, with the enrollment group at the lead of this quick expansion. We’ve grown from a London-based start-up to a worldwide company with offices across the world that are actively recruiting in all of them.

One issue the candidate frequently asks us is, how do we manage to keep our culture and principles while focusing on considerable growth? Meg Robson, a Talent Specialist who joined Student Beans in early 2019, has witnessed firsthand this surge. She offered some of her thoughts and insights on the most significant developments and challenges.

What has been the most significant change in the last two years?

The most significant difference has to be how far we’ve come in terms of employee welfare and knowing our employees’ ever-changing requirements. We are now remote first, providing greater flexibility and a better work-life balance than ever before. This has significantly enhanced staff happiness, and I can’t wait to see what additional changes are in store.

What is the most difficult aspect of working for a growing company?

Maintaining the culture is a challenge for every developing organization. We’ve worked hard to maintain our small business’ sense, no matter how much we grow. We currently have over 200 employees worldwide, all of whom have proven to be extremely adaptive in the aftermath of going remote first, transforming a possible challenge into a great accomplishment.

What’s the most exciting change?

The most exciting change in the previous two years has undoubtedly been the expansion of the recruitment team from two to eight persons. It’s been amazing to see what the team is capable of, to watch everyone grow from strength to strength, and to work with so many enthusiastic people.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of working in Recruitment at Student Beans?

Working with such enthusiastic folks on the recruitment team has been a fantastic experience. We’ve had a lot of difficulties, particularly with Covid throwing a wrench in the works, but that hasn’t stopped us! I’ve had the good fortune to work with some of the most inspiring people who are continually striving to make better judgments.

What are you most excited about for next two years?

I’m excited to watch how the Student Beans review evolves for the better. We were recently recognized as a Great Place to Work, demonstrating the incredible work that everyone does and how far we’ve progressed as a company in the two years since I joined. I can hardly wait to see what comes straightaway!

As an Aspiring Entrepreneur, You Should Consider These Programs

It is critical for prospective entrepreneurs to have a solid business idea and identify a possible market for your company’s product or service. You can pursue a degree that will help you learn entrepreneurial skills, develop great contacts, and jumpstart your business if you have a strong idea.

Consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in business if you want to create a digital security company. A bachelor’s degree in marketing may be useful for an advertising firm. Some institutions have specifically developed programs, such as entrepreneurship and student incubators, to assist you in launching your start-up idea. The following are a few such models:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Boston—The Venture Development Center at UMass Boston provides mentorship, scholarships, and a Cap-Exempt H-1B visa to international students who want to start their firm at any time of year.

Louisiana State University—The LSU Student Incubator assists students in launching their enterprises by teaching vital skills such as performing market research, assessing client needs and behaviors, and offering resources. Through LSU’s groundbreaking program, more than 200 students have developed their startup concepts.

The University of Utah—if you wish to obtain practical experience as an entrepreneur, the Lassonde Center at the University of Utah offers a complete program to develop and launch your business plan! Students have access to tools and applications that will assist them in connecting with other creators, creating prototypes, and testing their ideas. Students can also apply for grants and win cash prizes to help fund their ventures.

Mississippi State University—For industry-focused student entrepreneurs, the University of Mississippi’s Center for Manufacturing Excellence offers the opportunity to master facets of manufacturing in collaboration with corporations such as GE Aviation, Nissan, Toyota, and others—and boasts a job placement record close to 100%!

How do I apply a discount Code?

Simply display your Student Beans iD to the member of staff at the checkout or serve you in a restaurant if you’re using an in-store student beans Discount code. Make sure you’ve included a photo of yourself so that the member of staff knows it’s you!

Student Money Saver conveys the absolute most sizzling arrangements going from design, food to hardware. They are likewise a commendable choice for understudy-based rebate sites.

Is student beans a legitimate website?

Student Beans are the safest way to manage your student loyalty program. Our student verification program ensures that only legitimate students can take advantage of your discounts, eliminating offer leakage.

Student beans is a reliable resource for student discounts. The website provides students with a discount for just about every product. Whether it be for computers, holidays, restaurants, telephones, broadband, or anything that students may need, the website is an ideal place to find low prices.