LJ Smooth is one of the hottest up and coming names in the music community of Miami, Florida. Creating songs that are a cocktail of Pop, R&B, Dancehall, and Afrobeat, Smooth is redefining the Carnival sound that is familiarized within the downtown Miami community. Downtown Miami has one of the most unique and vibrant vibes of any city in the United States. The streets are bustling with people, music, and energy. There are a variety of cultures, restaurants, and shops that offer a positive energy and a good time for anyone. The art galleries, museums, and parks provide entertainment and opportunities to explore. The nightlife is vibrant and alive with clubs, bars, and music venues.

This is where LJ Smooth came alive, integrating his style and energy into the Miami’s music subculture. Smooth’s songs are an extension of him, as he aims to provide upbeat, dancey songs for any audience to enjoy. He draws inspiration from popular musicians such as Michael Jackson, Maxwell, Prince, Trey Songz, Neo and Alicia Keys as well as Vybez Cartel, Beenie Man, WizKid and Burna Boy.

LJ’s love for music began at an early age. He began taking piano lessons as a child and later participated in a church drumming team. He had grown up in a musical family, hailing from the Virgin Islands. At home, his father would play Bob Marley and Peter Tosh records, and so he had fostered his love for all different styles of music genres. This also helped him develop an early appreciation of the arts. As a young man, LJ traveled the region with a steel pan band and honed his abilities in a variety of music ensembles that played at regional events across the nation.

With a rich history in the world of music, Smooth is excited to see where his journey will continue to take him. At the moment, the musician is signed with a label in the UK and is preparing to release his first album. The excitement of this update does not mean that LJ Smooth will not be taking a break anytime soon. His passion for music and for performing is keeping him motivated, as he doesn’t plan on slowing down. The album is expected to drop in March of 2023.

“This is a new venture and I’m excited for this new music to reach many ears across the world,” Smooth says. Being able to play his songs for a wide audience is a dream come true. This artist is optimistic about seeing his fanbase and listeners grow in exponential numbers.

For more information about LJ Smooth and his music, you can find him on youtube, as well his several social media accounts.