Online contact lenses and glasses store in Singapore

Online contact lenses and glasses store in Singapore
Online contact lenses and glasses store in Singapore

For most people, purchasing contacts lenses online is a convenient alternative. Individuals only need their prescription information to buy contact lenses online.

Prescription contacts are available from several internet merchants, both brand’s name and generic. The brand and kind of lens appropriate for a person’s needs will be specified in their prescription.

Despite having the prescriptions from a doctor, there are other things you ought to know when looking for online contact lenses and glasses stores in Singapore. Not every contact lens online in Singapore offers genuine contact lenses. Thus, some factors should guide you through buying from reputable and quality lenses.

Factors to consider when buying contact lenses online                                   

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing contacts online. These variables assist you in purchasing contact lenses from a reliable and genuine internet seller.

Ordering options

Contact lenses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bi-weekly contact lenses are worn for two weeks and then discarded, whereas long-term lenses, such as monthly contact lenses, are worn for longer periods.

The price and number of boxes a person needs to order are affected by the lenses they choose. People who have a contact lens prescription that specifies a specific brand or fit may want to talk to their doctor about trying lenses from a different brand.

Brand reputation

When it comes to brand reputation, there are two major elements to consider. CooperVision contact lenses, for example, are a well-known contact lens brand.

The first is about the contact lens manufacturer: Is it typically well-liked or despised by other customers? A person might want to spend some time reading reviews of certain brands, which are often available on sellers’ websites.

The retailer is the second factor to examine. People may learn more about lens merchants by asking questions: Are they in good standing with third-party organizations like the Better Business Bureau?

It is critical to purchase contact lenses from a reputable firm and not try to substitute a different brand for which you have a prescription. Also, any company that sells contact lenses that don’t perfectly match the customer’s prescription should be avoided.

However, there are companies that sell those reputable brands such as acuvue contact lenses, bausch and lomb contact lenses, coopervision contact lenses and more.

Personal needs

Working with an eye specialist can help a person choose a safe and effective alternative for their prescription and eye health.

Disposable contacts may be best for some, while long-term contacts may be fine for others. People should seek out contacts that are best suited to their needs.


When purchasing contact lenses online, one of the most important factors to consider is the price. When it comes to eyeglasses, there’s a lot of variation—the cheapest options had a median price of less than $100, while the most expensive ones had a median price of more than $400.

Look online for a cost-cutting option. People who paid for their glasses fully out of pocket paid an average of $91 online, compared to $234 in-store.

When paying completely out of pocket, CR members reported spending a median of $142 at online vendors and $146 at walk-in locations for contacts.

Service and Follow-Up

If getting support and information from your eyewear retailer is vital to you, you’re willing to pay more than $400 for your new glasses, or if your insurance covers the majority of the cost of your new glasses, go for it.

Buying from a local independent optical shop or a private doctor’s office, where you’re more likely to receive outstanding personal care, may be worth it.


Some people may have a large number of walk-in stores nearby, whereas others have relatively few. However, the simplicity of purchasing glasses and contacts online is attracting an increasing number of people.

Online merchants are rapidly coming up with ways to offer you a feel of how frames will look on you, from letting you “test” them on an uploaded photo of yourself to allowing you to order and review various frames and return the ones you don’t want.

Retailer’s Reputation

If you’re not familiar with an eyeglasses store, whether in person or online, check to see if it has a Better Business Bureau report before making a purchase.

For you to learn what other customers have to say, do a web search using the retailer’s name and terms like “complaints” and “reviews.”

How to buy contact lenses online

A prescription from an eye doctor is required to purchase contacts online. Individuals who do not have a current prescription could be able to use an online retailer’s “doctor finding” service or take an online eye exam if they do not have one.

It is critical to get an up-to-date prescription and to avoid using lenses from previous prescriptions. These rules will aid in the protection of a person’s vision and eye health.

Individuals should also keep track of when their current medicines expire and schedule an eye exam if one is recommended. When one person has their current prescription, they can go to several internet stores that sell contacts.

A person’s contact lens prescription will usually specify a certain type or brand of contact lens. People should identify the suitable brand and lens type when shopping online and enter their prescription information.

Several companies process eye insurance at the time of purchase, so customers only have to pay out-of-pocket costs. Others may be required to claim with a receipt. Brands and stores differ substantially in terms of contacts per box, price, subscription services, and financing alternatives.

FAQS about buying contact lenses online in Singapore

Is it illegal to sell contact lenses online in Singapore?

If you’re thinking of buying contact lenses online to make fast money, think again. You may lose your money because it is unlawful to import contact lenses without a license, and authorities will seize such lenses if they are detected.

Is it safe to buy contact lenses online?

Purchasing contact lenses online is very safe because respectable vendors do not carry any harmful items to your eyes. If you don’t care for your lenses properly, you’re more likely to get infections and issues in your eyes.


Why are contact lenses cheaper online?

Since the process is considerably simpler and less commercial expenditure, contact lenses purchased online will be less expensive. There’s no real estate, no personnel to help you, and no way to compensate a medical practitioner for a significant portion of their time.