Why Interactive Storytelling Is An Effective Way To Engage Your Audience In Online Learning Ecosystem!

online learning ecosystem
online learning ecosystem

In the online learning ecosystem or virtual classrooms, interactive storytelling is one of the most effective measures to gain engagement, upskill your audience, and forge people to learn new and varied skillsets. The storytelling also depends on the type of audience you engage with. 

Like, teaching adults is a more hefty job than teaching kids. Because adults and corporate employees carry their own baggage of learning and experience, which takes a while to make them unlearn something they have been doing for years. So, this complete cycle of virtual classrooms hangs on to a vicious circle to unlearn and relearn something. 

So now, you might have got the answer to why big conglomerates and even start-ups spend huge sums of money on the training budgets during the onboarding process. In this digital era, it has become child’s play to learn a skill. But to unlearn that same skillset and rewiring your brain cells to learn something completely variant has become a task for both employees and employers. 

That’s where interactive storytelling comes into the picture. With the help of visuals, presentations, and true stories, we can rewire the brain to learn a new skill set without entirely forgetting the previous one. 

What is Interactive storytelling? 

Storytelling has been the most effective measure to engage kids and adults both. However, the technique differs according to the audience. 

In this digital era, interactive storytelling, if you put it in simple terms, is a method to engage the learners by creating the basic building blocks of learning. 

Interactive storytelling uses an amalgamation of both modern and old techniques, combining visual arts with interactive elements to create a successful environment for learners to draw logical conclusions and learn effectively. 

Let’s note down the benefits of interactive storytelling in the online learning ecosystem:  

  • Provides the basic framework of elearning: As a matter of fact, the rationale behind interactive storytelling while online training or teaching students is to impart them with a new skill set or knowledge of something relevant. 

Interactive storytelling in the online learning ecosystem puts the learner in the centre of gaining knowledge and reaching a logical conclusion by deriving their own narrative. 

It bestows them with the whole framework of elearning, like how the story unfolds, the challenges and problems faced by the protagonist and finally, the learner can trace their path to learning.  

Employees will be more motivated to learn and unlearn when they know that the skillset will be the major factor in determining their performance at work. This way, the storytelling will help them gain insights into how to resolve a prevalent problem they will encounter while working.  

  • Contextualizes the elearning to build a narrative: One of the major problems adults face is unlearning and relearning. You can put it in other words and say the primary hurdle is adapting to a new environment, work culture, and even a new skillset. Due to the immense experience that an adult carries makes them extremely resistant to change and adapt. 

However, it becomes easy to draw a narrative around them when you use interactive storytelling from their past experiences, like the case studies, problems, and presentations they already encountered. Also, adults will grab the new learning quickly using this method. 

So, you can build a story by taking examples from their previous work experience, and this can break their resistance to learning the unknown. 

  • Personalize your storytelling according to the audience: To enhance the elearning experience for adults and employees, you need to personalize the digital courses or training and onboarding programs. So, by its very nature, interactive storytelling puts the learner in a situation where they have to decide the outcome of the story. 

When the learners have to resolve the puzzle and reach the conclusion of the story, it automatically piques their engagement and interest. So higher the level of interactivity in the storytelling, the higher will be the success of online learning or elearning.   

  • Increases the engagement rate during the elearning sessions: Interactive storytelling increases the rate of engagement of adults during their training programs. It becomes similar to watching a movie or reading a captivating book from which you can’t take your eyes off. 

During virtual training sessions or virtual teaching, where you can’t see the faces of everyone in the session. Interactive storytelling is the only way to keep them engaged and make sure that they don’t miss on anything. 

Moreover, CallXP, a virtual interaction platform for monetization, is a great way to engage your audience and check on what exactly are they doing. On CallXP, you can pop up quizzes or small tests during the sessions to fabricate the whole storytelling process more engaging and interactive by checking the results on a real-time basis.  


Storytelling is the most effective measure to form an emotional connection with the audience. It’s one of the primarily used ways to forge someone to learn something without losing interest and attention. Interactive storytelling builds the gap between ideas and thoughts of learners in this virtual environment of learning.