Online Quran Classes | The Theme of Surah Al Imran


Online Quran Classes: Quran is the treasure of wisdom, innovation, and encouragement. It is the last holy book from Allah, which was revealed to the prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) over the period of twenty-three years in 610 AD century.  It is a duty for every Muslim to strive for understanding the holy book Quran in every possible way. There are 114 chapters or surahs in the Holy Quran and each has a different perspective and lessons for us. It not only gives us knowledge regarding religious purposes but also contains instructions for every aspect of one’s life.

One may learn Quran by visiting nearby mosques, where Qaris are available to teach the holy Quran, or one may get admission at Islamic Madrassas, where Islamic scholars are to make you aware of yo religious obligation. But, Nowadays the most advanced or more reliable way is to learn Quran online. One can find online Quran classes near me through livequranforkids, which is an online institution for teaching online Quran through online Quran classes. Through this article, one may get to know the aspects of Surah Al-Imran.

The theme of Surah Al Imran

The previous surah, which is surah Al-Baqara, and surah Al Imran are closely related to each other. Both surahs are related to the people of the Holy Books. The former surah was about the discussions of Jews while the latter surah has explanations regarding Christianity (people of Jesus).  While, the surah Al Imran, mainly focused on the evidence related to the proven oneness of Allah, articles of Faith in the Islamic belief system, and clarification for the perspectives of performing Jihad and worshiping Allah. Learn Quran online, is the most convenient procedure rather than choosing the traditional mode. Moreover, livequranforkids provides online Quran classes to almost every country of the globe intending to educate Muslims about religious duties and learn Quran online.

Surah Al Imran: Basic points of discussion

There are two important parts of this surah, following are discussed below

  • The article of belief and the verification and authentication of the oneness of Allah
  • The second most feature is the constitution related to the performance of Jihad and wars for the sake of Allah.

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Surah Al Imran: Revelation of Quran for guidance

The beginning verses of Surah Al Imran, indicate the evidence and truthfulness of the revelation of the holy book Quran with the purpose of guidance for everyone. These shreds of evidence are for those who doubt and raise questions against the holy book Quran and the religion Islam. The provision of online Quran classes near me by livequranforkids is the most affordable and cost-efficient. Moreover, one can save fuel charges for traveling to learn Quran online.

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Surah Al Imran: Warnings of Unbelievers

Surah Al Imran spokes about the warnings for those people who disbelieve in Allah and disobey Him. They have the rewards for penalties and will be deceived by the plenty of wealth and children, which Allah has prepared for them in the afterlife. Additionally, the Battle of Badr was also explained through this surah. In this battle, Muslims defeated the disbelievers in the war, despite the number of Muslims being in the minority as compared to the disbelievers. Online Quran teachers are certified and well-experienced in their respective fields of teaching the Quran.

Surah Al Imran: Transmission of Allah’s message

The ayahs of the surah Al Imran, through light on the faith and religion Islam, is selected for all through the prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) by Allah. And there are also warnings mentioned for the people of books who disbelieve and make contradictions about the religion. The verses of Surah Al Imran, also reveal the truth regarding the monotheism of Islam and the oneness of Allah.  One of the best features to learn Quran online is that one can customize the time and day for online Quran classes.

Surah Al Imran: Choice of messengers by Allah

The verses of this surah, also highlight the privilege that got by the messengers of Allah and the reason to choose them as prophets of Allah to spread His message through the holy books. It contains the stories of the birth of Maryam (Mary), the narrative of the birth of Hazrat Yahya A.S. Along with an explanation story of the birth of Hazrat Isa A.S. and the miracles of Jesus provided by Allah.

These miracles are indications of the oneness of Allah for those who disobey Allah.  Online Quran teachers use face-to-face interactions, so one can take more interest while taking online Quran classes. Livequranforkids for online Quran classes near me also offers a free trial for these learning classes for making you satisfied to learn Quran online.