The variety of casual outfits with jeans has no limits and we constantly update in our catalog.

Ripped Jeans give a lot of play

For this reason, in this article, we review women’s outfits that feature this denim garment. The top quality Off-Course is Ripped Jeans from your Evaless Store brand. There are only eight proposals in total, which will serve as inspiration so that you can create your own looks with other garments from our website.

Black Friday 2022

Women’s Jeans With Printed T-Shirts

One of the simplest casual outfits with Ripped Jeans (but no less interesting) are those made up of pants and a printed t-shirt. In reality, the t-shirt can be plain or with a front print in an urban style, but if you opt for a garment with a dot print, polka dots or small motifs scattered throughout the garment, the contrast is great. We see it in this example, with skinny Ripped Jeans and a printed T-shirt with nice animal and plant motifs.

Ripped Jeans with Blouse

If instead of a shirt we choose a shirt or a blouse, the effect is the same. This is how it can be seen in this other set, made up of skinny jeans and a sleeveless blouse with a cactus print. Here, moreover, there is another contrast: that of formal-informal. Formal because of the blouse, a garment often associated with traditional elegance. And informal for the ripped pants at knee height, an urban detail par excellence.

Ripped Jeans + Denim = Style

Contrary to what many fashionistas believe, Ripped Jeans can be combined very well with denim shirts, creating an original denim look that is not overdone. You have the example in the following set, which uses a sleeveless shirt with interesting feminine details, for example, the snap buttons and the crocheted shoulders. As pants, again the contrast of the broken skinny.

The Skirt, A Garment with Ripped Jeans That Claims Its Leading Role

When it comes to talking about casual denim fashion like Ripped Jeans from Evaless Store. We can’t just refer to outfits with jeans: we can also give ripped jeans skirts a chance. As seen in this set, denim skirts are also very versatile.

As they can be worn with vintage sneakers and with a long-sleeved shirt, in this case with a dot print. A model with a higher waist than usual and that closes with a button. Its finish with a certain washed touch gives it a slightly informal air.

Plaid Shirt for Women, A Classic of Casual Outfits with Ripped Jeans

Regarding the men’s catalog, casual outfits with jeans are also very varied. The most classic is probably the one made up of jeans and a plaid shirt, either short-sleeved or long-sleeved, as in this case. It is an elegant set that, thanks to the slim fit cut of the trousers, does not give up a casual and modern touch.

T-Shirt And Shorts, Also with Ripped Jeans

Summer 2022 is a good time to wear casual outfits with jeans since short-sleeved garments and shorts go well with denim. For example, this one is perhaps one of the least casual and indeed one of the most swags.

But it is 100% PLNS style: it is a T-shirt with a suggestive message in a fluorine tone. Combined with slightly torn short jeans, with a worn effect and turn-up hem. And as a shoe option, flip-flops, why not?

Denim Ripped Jeans and Shorts with Tucked-In T-Shirts

Denim shorts are a warm garment so you don’t give up urban style, even in summer. We can combine them with classic sneakers and a print t-shirt, as is the case with this outfit. But what many were not used to until now (and which is set to set a trend in 2022) is wearing the shirt tucked into the pants.

A very original ‘good girl’ detail that gives great prominence to the jeans. Since the garment is shown in its entirety. Thanks to this, we can appreciate the colored button and the appliqué.

Polos, Another Option for Casual Outfits with Ripped Jeans

Who said polo shirts could only be worn with chino or cloth pants? Denim jeans shirts can also combine with Ripped Jeans pants and even Ripped Jeans shorts like this example. And as in the previous case, they lend themselves to tucking inside the High waist ripped jeans. While turned up bottom of the Ripped Jeans shows some wear. While the polo shirt is more ‘formal’, with the fun printed Ripped Jeans.