Panchshil Group Owner Mr. Atul Chordia Leads the Way in Sustainable Real Estate Development


Panchshil Group Owner Mr Atul Chordia is a prominent real estate developer based in Pune, India, who has played a pivotal role in the city’s growth and development. He is the visionary founder of Panchshil Realty, a leading real estate firm that has delivered an impressive 29.5 million square feet of prime real estate across multiple asset classes. Currently, Panchshil Realty is working on developing 27.5 million square feet of additional space, reaffirming Mr Chordia’s commitment to providing quality real estate solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the market.

Mr. Chordia is also a strong believer of sustainability. He has implemented a number of initiatives to make Panchshil Realty’s operations more sustainable, including:

  1. Energy Conservation: They prioritize sustainable energy management practices using energy- efficient systems, conducting energy audits and prioritizing renewable energy sources.
  2. Water Conservation: Their sustainable water management practices include efficient Sewage Treatment Plants for water recycling and zero discharge, water-efficient plumbing fixtures and drip irrigation for landscapes.
  3. Waste Reduction: They ensure responsible waste management by tracking and properly utilizing each waste material, minimizing waste and diverting it from landfills.
  4. Sustainable Sourcing: They source materials and products from sustainable suppliers, adhering to our sustainability standards and policies.


  1. Indoor Air Quality: We prioritize providing a healthy indoor environment for occupants in our buildings by conducting periodic IAQ testing for parameters like carbon dioxide levels, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds.
  2. Transportation Assessment: We promote sustainable transportation practices by providing EV chargers and infrastructure for occupiers and their e-taxi fleets, thus helping us reduce emissions and improve the air quality on the premises.

These initiatives have helped Panchshil Realty in reducing its environmental impact and become a more sustainable company.

In addition to these initiatives, Panchshil Realty is also committed to promoting sustainability in the communities where it operates. The company supports a number of environmental organizations and initiatives, and it encourages its employees to be environmentally conscious.

Panchshil Group Owner Mr. Atul Chordia’s commitment to sustainability is an example of his leadership and vision. He is committed to creating a more sustainable future for the company and the communities where it builds.

More about Panchshil Group Owner’s comprehensive focus on Sustainability

Ten of the Panchshil Office Parks are currently going through the certification process for LEED EB O&M V4.1. This raises the standard for green operations, helps existing buildings improve their efficiency, reduces waste, and maintain a sustainable building. Panchshil  has also procured 4 windmills of 2 MW each, to produce our own Renewable Energy. The windmills are located in Satara and have the capacity to generate around 1.30 Cr KWH of renewable energy per year.

Out of the 4 windmills commissioned in 2011, 2 are used to produce self-captive renewable energy and 2 are fed back into the grid.

Along with the windmills, Panchshil has also focused on Solar power installations, To this end, they have invested Rs.7.59Cr towards the installation of solar panels across 9 of our office parks. These solar panels have a total capacity of 2057 KW

Through these efforts, they aim to attain optimum energy usage in their office parks and advance their sustainability goals while ensuring a healthy, efficient, and comfortable workplace for their occupants.

LEED Certifications

Panchshil Group has received multiple LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications, which reflect their strong dedication to sustainable and environmentally friendly construction methods. Their remarkable accomplishments include obtaining the prestigious LEED Platinum certification for Suzlon One Earth, along with LEED Platinum pre-certifications for Panchshil Towers and Panchshil Business Park. Additionally, Panchshil Group’s commitment to environmental consciousness is further demonstrated by their LEED Gold certifications for JW Marriott Pune, EON Free Zone, Trump Towers Pune, and Cummins India Office Campus. Furthermore, the EON Free Zone Phase II project has secured LEED Gold pre-certification, with ongoing progress towards phase-wise certification. The eagerly anticipated LEED Gold certification for yoopune and the LEED Gold pre-certification for World Trade Center are further evidence of the company’s enduring dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly building practices. These prestigious certifications serve as a testament to Panchshil Group’s unwavering focus on creating environmentally responsible and energy-efficient spaces, and they set a commendable benchmark for sustainability initiatives within the real estate industry.