PDH Online Courses for Professional Engineers


PDH online courses for Professional Engineers are an approved, convenient, cost effective, and safe alternative to fulfill your Continuing Education (CE) requirements for PE license renewal. The number of Professional Development Hours (PDH) required in each renewal cycle varies based on which state issued your license and is a requirement in most states.

Type of PDH Online Courses for Professional Engineers

There are three primary formats of PDH online courses:

On demand courses: an asynchronous process where the licensee receives a document that they review in their own time and come back to do the assessment or quiz. In most states you can fulfill your CE by only completing on demand online courses.

Timed and Monitored courses: specific requirement of the state of Ohio, partial CE must be completed with “Time and Monitored” (T&M) online courses, i.e. the time licensee spends on each part of the course must be monitored to ensure minimum time is spent on each course section. PDH STAR has developed a number of T&M courses to fulfill Ohio specific requirements. Our on-demand as well as live or interactive webinars are also accepted as T&M online courses.

On demand webinars: all states accept on demand webinars, essentially pre-recorded narrated videos. On demand webinars can also be used as “Timed and Monitored” courses to satisfy Ohio licensing requirements. The licensee must pass the assessment at the end of the course.

Live and interactive webinars: accepted by all states, live and interactive PDH online webinars are instructor led sessions that typically do not have an assessment at the end of the webinar. However, presence and participation throughout the webinar is required in order to obtain the Certificate of Completion at the end of the webinar. Some states require that part of your online CE is obtained via webinars where you can have live interaction with the instructor, either via voice, chat, or email. PDH STAR Live Interactive Webinars comply with these requirements. For example, New York State require 18 hours (out of the total of 36 hours) to be completed through courses with live interaction between the instructor and participants.

Approval of PDH Online Courses for Professional Engineers

Some states require preapproval of CE course providers. PDH STAR is approved in all states that require course provider pre-approval. You can complete your training with PDH STAR with a piece of mind knowing that the courses you take are guaranteed to be accepted by your state licensing board.

PDH Online Continuing Education State by State Requirements

Each state has its CE requirements. The license renewal period can vary and is typically either biennial or triennial. The NCEES recommends 15 hours of PDH hours per year for license renewal, but every state is free to set its requirements. PDH STAR has compiled convenient packages for each discipline for each state that is guaranteed to be accepted by your licensing board for full or partial state CE requirements.

In addition, NCEES states that a CE course is “Any qualifying course or activity with a clear purpose and objective which will maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee’s field of practice. Regular duties are not considered qualified activities.”

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