Do you want to adopt an effective and inexpensive way integrated into your marketing campaign? Then adopt the promotional sticker, fully customizable to increase the notoriety of your brand. This communication medium can have a very good return on investment by bringing you new customers at a very economical cost. Here, we are going to share with you our marketing actions using this advertising medium.

The customized sticker: the ideal goodie custom decal

customized stickers are an adhesive sticker that is customized with your logo, slogan, image, or any other element that represents your business. The printing of this sticker is digital or silkscreen and can be cut in the format of your choice. Generally made of polyester or vinyl the advertising stickers are resistant to any manipulation as well as to scratches thanks to a transparent varnish. You can create your stickers endlessly.

They can be distributed as goodies during an event (trade show, conference, exhibition, the inauguration of a store, etc.), or even be offered on the counter of a shop, restaurant, institute… This type of sticker plays an important role in brand image and adhesion. It is often considered a gift by the person who receives it.

Another solution is possible: put some stickers directly in the package so that the customer discovers them when unboxing a small gift that pleases and that can be stuck on any type of support. Thus the visual will be shared and seen by people around him, potential customers.

The customized sticker can be complementary to other advertising materials such as bags, brochures, caps, etc.

The customized sticker: the visual touch on a package

Sticker on the package to take care of the sending of your parcels and make a good impression on your customers, you can affix a sticker bearing the image of your brand to your parcel or the packaging of the product. It adds a little something extra, which is pleasing to the eye and allows you to share a message like “Thank you for your order” or highlight the logo with the website so that the customer remembers it.

This marketing action optimizes visual communication, word of mouth, and customer loyalty.

Stickers are perceived as something fun and enjoy high engagement compared to traditional marketing tools because they can have multiple uses.

The distribution of customized stickers

Street marketing is a marketing operation that consists of distributing communication media, most often flyers or goodies, to publicize a brand or new products to a large audience around a place of sale. This quick and original technique has a very good promotional impact for little budget spent.

At the exit of the metro, in the shopping streets, you can distribute your promotional stickers which will have several effects:

Catch the eye

Reflect an original and young image of the company

Create the event, surprise, and bring the brand closer to consumers

Create traffic and drive sales

Be careful, if you are a company recognized for its environmental values, the distribution of stickers can be criticized by your customers and have a negative effect on your brand image. Any marketing decision must be in line with your values ​​and your target.

The customized sticker: advertising medium stickers on the car

Known most often for its small size, the customized sticker can be declined in multiple formats, and cuts, from the smallest to the largest. Using large format customized stickers in your advertising campaigns is a very good idea because it is a low-cost medium with a lot of impacts. For this, you can stick stickers bearing the image of your company on a fleet of professional vehicles, on a store window…etc. Indeed, you can completely customize the bodywork, rims, windows, and mirrors for a completely revisited look in the colors of your company. These decals are durable and easy to maintain. It is ideal to protect the car from any risk of scratches and dirt.

This advertisement is easy to set up with a simple collage, it will be seen by as many people as possible in the street and will make a good impression if it is original and colorful. Your message must be of high quality, clear and visible.  Thus your company will gain notoriety as well as new prospects.

The goal of guerrilla marketing is to make your business known to your target with a high impact and a low cost. This may seem like the magic formula of advertising; however, this strategy requires a high level of creativity and a very good knowledge of your prospects. Indeed, the strong impact must go through a powerful, surprising and therefore memorable message. The goal is to create advertising that is out of the ordinary at a lower cost, in spaces often frequented by your target customers.

This is why Guerrilla Marketing professionals regularly use stickers as marketing support. Using custom stickers in cityscapes is called stickering. This marketing tool has many advantages as a medium: its cost is very affordable and therefore represents a low financial risk. In addition, the sticker can take all the desired formats and colors. Indeed, its cut adjusts to all places and can be affixed to all supports. The sticker allows you to free your creativity and not restrict the possibilities.

Uses of stickers in external communication

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The sticker or customized sticker is a simple and practical marketing tool. The adhesive side of the sticker allows it to be stuck on various supports (glass, wood, panel, etc.), especially in key places. The other side is used to print a message, image or other visual.

As an advertising object, it can be used to increase the influence of your brand, in a city, a district, etc. So you can use the stickers at conferences, trade shows and other business events. Your representatives can wear clothing with self-adhesive badges that will display your company colors and logo. Also, you can personalize goodies or gifts with self-adhesive labels and distribute them in order to attract more prospects. Moreover, it will be a good customer retention technique.

You can also broadcast your message on a daily basis with these customized stickers. For example, to advertise your brand permanently, consider placing stickers on a support such as a shop window, the windows of your premises or stores, on the windows of a service car. Our customized flexible magnets are an example of customized items to consider.

The advantages of customizable stickers

As you will have understood, custom stickers are essential accessories today to improve the communication strategy and make a success of an advertising campaign.

In advertising campaigns, they are used to communicate a message to reinforce your presence and promote your brand image to a wide audience. They ensure better visibility and develop your notoriety with your target. Their main purpose is to mark the minds of your interlocutors.

Simple to use, easy to transport and effective, custom-made stickers are nevertheless accessible at more affordable prices than other communication channels (television, radio and Internet).

vograce provides you with sustainable, economical and customizable solutions. We offer a wide choice of sticker models that you can modify as you wish (colors, size and shape). Our products are made with quality and precise print on the support you prefer: vinyl, transparent plastic, paper, or polyester.