Places To Visit In Bogota

Places To Visit In Bogota

More than 8 million residents, Bogota, Colombia is situated within the Andes Mountain Range. The capital city is 2,640 meters or 8,660 feet higher than sea-level. Because of its altitude, it is advised to spend an extra day or two to become accustomed before engaging in intense activities such as walking or playing sports. Bogota was established in 1538. It has maintained its historic charm in places like La Candelaria. Apart from its historical significance, Bogota is also known for its cuisine, arts and its culture. Explore this lively capital and enjoy day excursions from Bogota during your trip to Cheap flight from New york to Bogota .

Bogota is the capital of Colombia and one of the busiest cities in South America. It has a rich cultural heritage, fantastic gastronomy, and a booming nightlife that attracts millions of tourists every year. From stunning colonial architecture to modern art galleries, Bogota has something for everyone. Here are some places to visit in Bogota.

Top Places to Visit in Bogota

1. La Candelaria

Barrio La Candelaria (Bogota) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

La Candelaria is the historic neighborhood within the city. Just a few minutes’ walk from Bolivar Plaza, it is home to la Casa de la Moneda as well as the Botero Museum and the Botero Museum, among other landmarks and museums. La Candelaria lends places to visit in bogota colombia  you hours of exploring narrow colonial streets lined by Colonial-style homes and structures.

2. Gold Museum

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With over 55,000 pieces of gold displayed The gold museum displays stunning artifacts of the indigenous culture of Colombia. Discover how these items were made and their significance. The temporary exhibits are also very common.

3. Monserrate Peak

Cerro de Monserrate towers: a wonderful view on Bogotà - Secret World

The top of the mountain el Cerro Monserrate is an iconic symbol of Bogota. of Bogota located at 3,152 meters or 10,341 feet above sea level. It offers by far the most spectacular panorama of Bogota’s cityscape. Visitors can climb up the mountain on foot, via cable car or train. At the top, visitors can go to the church and shop for some unique items at the tiny market, or simply enjoy the stunning panorama.

4. Historic Churches in the City Centre

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Bogota hosts a number of stunning and magnificent churches. It is worth visiting the Iglesia of San Francisco as well as the Iglesia of the Tercera. Both churches provide places to visit in colombia bogota  anyone who visits them with a stunning view of the architectural and artistic contrasts of the churches built by colonial times in Bogota.

5. National Museum

Colombian National Museum - Wikipedia

The museum is located in the city’s central area in the city center, the National Museum is the largest and most renowned museum within the Colombian capital. It exhibits an array of art as well as archaeological and ethical artifacts, historic documents and indigenous cultural objects, as well as a number of temporary exhibitions that showcase international and national collections.

6. Walking through La Candelaria

Tour through La Candelaria. La Candelaria - exhibitions

La Candelaria is Bogota’s historic district, which is a fascinating region for a Bogota day trip. It is home to Spanish colonial architecture along with museums and a huge square dubbed Plaza Bolivar, visitors can take a long time exploring the district that appears to have been frozen in time.

7. Sample Exotic Fruits

Colombian Exotic Fruits Tour in Bogota 2023 - Bogotá - Viator

Paloquemao Market is the ideal spot to taste a variety of exotic Colombian fruits, including Granadilla, lulo guanabana mangosteen, and a lot more. A lot of visitors have never had the pleasure of tasting these exotic fruits, and lots of people like them mixed into smoothies. It is a must to visit this market on your trip to Bogota.

8. Go to a farm for coffee

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In the region known as “the coffee triangle” of Colombia is where the bulk of our coffee is grown and processed. But, in Bogota there are still farms that grow coffee where you can find out more about the making of coffee. This is a good alternative for those who don’t have the time to go to this region of coffee.

9. Ciclovia

La Ciclovía de Bogotá – Bogotá, Colombia - Atlas Obscura

On Sundays, from 7:15 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. More than 120 kilometers of streets in the city provide a place for residents to walk, run around the capital on bicycle, exercise aerobics, or even learn to dance. The program is over 40 years old, and is believed to be the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

10. Birding in Bogota

Colombia: Medellín and Bogotá Endemics

Bogota may not appear at first glance to be the ideal destination to start the perfect Colombia birding trip, but this is far than the fact that a committed birder can easily spend at most a week throughout and in Bogota and build an extensive list of species that runs into hundreds, with about 10 species that are native to the region being seen. If you’re a fan of nature and birding, you should take a look at the one we offer. Bogota birding tours.