Imagine this: you’re in your room facing your computer. Over the microphone you say, “Good day, listeners. Today’s podcast is on… ” And as you continue to say your piece, the recording continues. This record is what people in your neighborhood, in your city, across the country, and even in other parts of the globe can hear as they tune in from their computers or digital audio players.

What are you doing? You are podcasting! As science turns imaginations into realities, you can become a DJ or to be specific, a podcaster, and have your own radio show, and be heard. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyhow you want it. You think this is cool? This is sub-zero cool!

Just as we’re getting accustomed to terminologies like e-mail, voice-chat, blogs, and so on, we now have PODCASTING. New Oxford Dictionary defines podcasting as “the digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the internet for downloading to a personal audio player”. But really, what is it?

Podcasting is a conjuncture of the words “iPod”, the most popular audio digital player created by Apple Computers, and “broadcast”, which means to put on air; hence, the association of podcasting to iPod or Apple computers. However, any brand of digital audio player is okay and any computer with a built-in or add-on microphone and soundcard will do.

The recording is uploaded into a website and becomes a web feed, aptly termed a podcast. Podcasts can be any music, advertisement, or information in audio or video format that is downloadable. They range from talk radio, comedy shows, news, political views, evangelization messages, language tutorials, business reports, and so on. Any subscriber can podcatch – meaning, download – and listen to podcasts.

But you say you’re not even trained or experienced to be a podcaster? There is no need at all. The charm of podcasting is that you can be your natural YOU!

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