7 Most Popular Virtual Event Agencies

7 Most Popular Virtual Event Agencies

After the outbreak of the global pandemic, there were several restrictions imposed on businesses, people, and industries. With the latest adaptations and advancements, several virtual event agencies adopted the online stage to deliver unique and realistic event experiences.

With a strategic approach, virtual event management services can seamlessly incorporate customized solutions to host successful virtual events. Today, virtual event companies have become essential partners for businesses to conduct their events. They help exhibitors boost their brand value, maximize their global reach, or drive sales opportunities conveniently. They make promising efforts to leave an impactful impression on the attendees right from the beginning of the event.

With the availability of various virtual event platforms, let us walk you through some preferred picks to help you stand out in your events;


With the execution of a series of successful online events, Dreamcast is one of the leading virtual event solutions. Their 3D virtual stage is designed to recreate the experiences of an on-site event. They intend to leave a lasting impression on the attendees right from the moment they enter the virtual environment. Features like a virtual lobby, dynamic banners, a user-friendly interface, ecstatic GIFs, animated light at the lobby can take your participants in awe.

For scenarios during the event, Dreamcast offers unique networking lounges, breakout rooms, auditoriums, conventional halls, a social wall, branded photobooths, etc to keep the attendees hooked and involved throughout.

As an ideal platform, Dreamcast ensures to lure exhibitors and make them feel benefitted. They do this exceptionally through dynamic banners, sponsored games, large digital screens displaying the exhibitor’s logo, content, and product. If attendees find it relatable and interesting, they can most likely turn out as prospect leads for the sponsors. They also implement tools and features like B2B meetings scheduler, business card exchange, and virtual networking tables to enable attendees and exhibitors to interact and make new connections.

It is an excellent virtual event company that can create an immersive 3D environment, incorporate interactive tools like live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, live chat, or AI matchmaking tools to drive attendee engagement. Also, this is a robust, secure, and trustworthy platform that assures to keep the attendee data unimpaired. You can also gauge the success of your virtual exhibitions, virtual expos, conferences, or career fairs with the detailed insights or analytics that the platform offers.


A robust and reliable event management service that is enriched with useful features and innovative tools to notch up the level of your virtual or hybrid events. Their platform consists of live polls, contests, and Q&A rounds to make the sessions more interactive and engaging. Also, they provide 1:1 meetings and discussion rooms to let audiences connect and make new relationships. As an outstanding enterprise solution, Vmeets helps you with features like live chat, integrated notepad, panel discussions, keynote sessions, pre-recorded & on-demand content.


It is yet another excellent virtual event agency known for transforming event experiences. Be it online trade shows, conferences, summits, or meetings, Hexafair offers excellent customized booths, a 3D environment, an integrated e-commerce system, and unlimited networking opportunities to make your event a grand success. The platform also provides real-time customer support to make sure that attendees have a seamless platform experience. With various notable clients on board, they make sure to keep their platform highly secure and reliable.


Airmeet is another renowned virtual event agency that strives to offer immersive event experiences. They offer impactful 3D designs and customized solutions to host successful and memorable virtual conferences, meetings, summits, trade shows, or job fairs. They can efficiently conduct events for 100k participants and approximately 300 sponsors. The platform also provides seamless integration with Stripe, which makes it more convenient to sell tickets for online events. With their top-notch features and tools, Airmeet lets you perform social-media live-streaming on multiple platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn. The availability of live chat features, 1:1 & group networking makes it even simpler for audiences to begin meaningful interactions.


Accelevents is a popular virtual event company that intends to boost brand value, enhance global reach, and create a bizarre event experience. Their powerful virtual spaces offer endless opportunities to boost engagement between the attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. With efficient tools like live chat, virtual networking, or live-streaming they help you obtain qualified leads and drive sustainable growth.

Every event – be it virtual, physical, or hybrid requires a different set of strategies and approaches. Accelevents holds the capability to embrace each event requirement seamlessly to host successful and unique virtual events.


With their aim to make each of your events super successful and memorable, they offer valuable tools like keynote sessions, breakout rooms, exciting games, or customized virtual booths. They help exhibitors keep their booths active even after the online event is over. It allows attendees to access the content or booths of these sponsors as on-demand content. Their video-streaming platform has brushed its skillset to host scalable and flexible events. With detailed analytics and insights, this enterprise solution enables you to measure the success of your event.


EventMobi utilizes the latest digital tools to provide immersive event experiences, drive audience engagement, and let people make new bonds. They can seamlessly customize an event or give a personalized touch to replicate the experiences of an on-site event. Also, with their simple platform navigation, attendees need not worry about the hassle of using the platform, especially if they are first-time users.

EventMobi helps design compelling event websites and offers interesting features to increase the stay-time of the audience on the platform. It also provides meaningful insights to learn if you have been able to meet the event objectives.

Final Word

A virtual event is about remodelling the conventional event experiences. With the acceptance of advanced tools, engaging features, and a 3D stage, the event management services help create novel experiences. Here, the choice of the virtual event platform plays a significant factor in meeting the event and business objectives. Therefore, it is advisable to take adequate time and do thorough research in selecting the virtual event technology that can meet your event and business goals.