Power ingredient: Do you know these 5 benefits of vitamin C for the skin?

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Whether in serum or cream – it is not for nothing that vitamin C is one of the most popular ingredients for highly effective skin care. But what does the vitamin do for dry and mature skin? Is it also suitable for sensitive skin? That is what we are dealing with in this article. Plus: We’ll show you which unbeatable benefits of the vitamin make it a real must-have for your daily skincare routine!

Five Unbeatable Skin Benefits of Vitamin C Serum You Should Know!

An even complexion , a rejuvenated complexion and a fresh radiance are at the top of your beauty wish list ? A portion of superpowers against wrinkles and protection against the effects of free radicals would also be nice?

The fact is: we all have one or two problems when it comes to our skin. But the fact is that there is a good chance that vitamin C has a solution ready.

The powerful effect of vitamin C Serum on the skin has now been extensively studied in science. Incidentally, this is the main reason why we use the power of the vitamin in high doses in our active ingredient cosmetics.

But what properties of the vitamin make it so special? And most importantly, how can you best benefit from vitamin C Serum in skincare ? We’ll tell you. best vitamin c serum

Radiant, rejuvenated skin: This is how the anti-aging weapon vitamin C works against wrinkles!

Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen formation in our skin. Why is this so crucial? Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body that supports the skin (along with elastin) from underneath, keeping skin firm and plump. With age, however, the body’s own production of these substances decreases – the first wrinkles and lines appear. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production in the fibroblasts (these are the skin cells that provide elasticity and resilience through the production of elastin and collagen) Vitamin C is an important cofactor for the production of the amino acids proline and lysine these two are essential for the development of a stable collagen structure Vitamin C is therefore involved in the production of collagen and is also an important prerequisite for the stability of the collagen fibers But be careful: How effective a vitamin C serum is depends in large part on what forms of vitamin C it contains. In fact, only pure ascorbic acid is directly bioavailable. However, this is very unstable and decomposes within a few days when dissolved in water. It is therefore not ideal as an ingredient in serum or cream.

Different forms of vitamin C are therefore used in cosmetics with active ingredients (so-called ascorbic acid derivatives). These are broken down by enzymes on the skin or by environmental influences such as UV radiation or oxygen. Only then do they release the pure ascorbic acid , which can then develop the desired care effect.

Vitamin C for the skin as an antioxidant superpower against free radicals

Did you know that the aging process of our skin mainly depends on exogenous factors (ie environmental influences)? Your diet, stress levels, exposure to environmental toxins and sun exposure are some of the most well-known enemies of young-looking, healthy skin. According to experts, UV radiation alone is responsible for up to 80% of skin changes in old age.

Oxidative stressors such as UV radiation and air pollution lead to the formation of free radicals or reactive oxygen compounds in the skin cells the latter have a damaging effect on cell membranes and DNA Antioxidants such as vitamin C intercept and neutralize free radicals the protective effect of vitamin C on the skin can effectively prevent cell damage if vitamin C is combined with vitamin E (as in our vitamin C cream ), the antioxidant effect can be increased In laboratory studies, scientists were able to show that the application of vitamin C to the skin in certain concentrations can reduce the statistical probability of getting sunburn by 50%

Even skin tone & flawless complexion

Vitamin C is a potent anti-pimple and pigmentation ingredient . By influencing the formation of melanin, the best vitamin c serum ensures a long-term even complexion and reduces the appearance of dark spots on the skin.

Vitamin C in its various forms blocks the enzyme tyrosinase this enzyme is necessary for the formation of melanin in the melanocytes [4] Melanin is the substance that gives hair and skin their specific color If there is an overproduction (e.g. triggered by inflammations such as acne, UV radiation or laser treatment), dark spots appear on the skin Vitamin C has an inhibiting effect on melanin production, resulting in a lightening effect – dark areas of the skin fade this adaptation to normal skin pigmentation ensures a uniform, flawless complexion

Support for wound healing and wound closure

One of the most notable benefits of best vitamin c serum for the skin is its ability to aid in wound healing . This is especially important if you suffer from acne or blemished skin . Because then it can happen that pimples leave an unsightly souvenir in the form of acne scars .

poor wound healing can be a sign of vitamin C deficiency Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen Collagen is needed in several phases of wound healing and is important for the stability of the wound scar, among other things in cell cultures, best vitamin c serum showed a positive effect on the mobility of fibroblasts (skin cells), which contribute to wound closure best vitamin c serum in pakistan

This is how vitamin C can protect against moisture loss

Well-hydrated skin appears plumped and healthy. With age, however, the lipid content of the outer layer of skin decreases, as does the NMFs (the skin’s natural moisturizing factors). The NMFs are particularly important for the moisture content of our skin: they have a moisture-storing effect by binding the water in our acid mantle, our sweat and our skin.

This interaction is important for a functioning skin protection barrier . If this is not in balance, moisture can escape more easily through the skin to the environment.

Vitamin C improves the production of lipids in the skin barrier Vitamin C also distributes the protective keratinocytes in the skin the better the skin’s barrier function , the more effectively excessive transepidermal water loss (ie the release of moisture through the skin) can be prevented

This is how you recognize a good vitamin C serum

In active ingredient cosmetics , the benefits of vitamin C for the skin are used in serums and creams. Various forms (derivatives) and concentrations of the power vitamin are used. So what should you look out for when looking for the best vitamin C serum or cream ?

Vitamin C form : We use both ascorbyl glucoside and ethylascorbic acid in our vitamin C serum . These vitamin C derivatives are effective, well tolerated, water-soluble and particularly stable. Other vitamin C forms are Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Ascorbyl Palmitate and Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate. We use the last two in our vitamin C cream. Formulation : In the case of creams and serums with vitamin C, not only the form and concentration of the vitamin used are important. Effective skin care is characterized by coordinated ingredients that support your skin’s health. The active ingredients of our vitamin C cream include antioxidant vitamin E & resveratrol, moisturizing hyaluronic acid and organic shea butter to support the skin barrier. Clean Beauty : Another important point is the use of harmless ingredients . Especially if you have sensitive skin or just want to avoid irritation, you should read the ingredients of vitamin C serum and cream carefully. In the active ingredient cosmetics from COSPHERA, microplastics, mineral oils and synthetic colors and fragrances are taboo.

Is vitamin C also suitable for dry and sensitive skin?

Pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) should initially be used cautiously on sensitive skin. In our vitamin C series , we use certain forms of the vitamin (so-called ascorbic acid derivatives) that are better tolerated than pure ascorbic acid.

Because these are only gradually broken down on the skin, the acid is released over a longer period of time. Effect: The acid concentration is more skin-friendly. Therefore, these forms are also suitable for sensitive skin.

Plus: ascorbic acid derivatives are less susceptible to oxidation than pure vitamin C. Their effectiveness is therefore not reduced if air gets in contact with the serum.