Power MOSFET Market Worth US$ 13.8 billion by 2030


The global power MOSFET market was valued at USD 8.3 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 13.8 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 6.6from 2022 to 2030. MOSFET is an acronym for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect TransistorIt is a power semiconductor used as an electronic switch device to control the loads as per requirementBesides being a costeffective solution to replace bipolar junction transistor (BJT), it also enables power management to enhance energy conservation in various industrial systems, consumer electronics, and electric vehiclesIt is currently used in renewable resources and electric vehicles to improve switching speed, prevent power loss, and amplify electronic signals in electric devices.

Power MOSFET holds tremendous potential in the future as it is deployed in numerous electric devicesThe market is anticipated to generate moderate cash output with modest investments in development, research, and tests in the coming yearsThe power MOSFET market is nearing the maturing stage and is expected to generate modest revenue for key players in the coming yearsThe industrial and medium power MOSFET segments have tremendous growth potential during the forecast periodAlthough the market is growing, these systems are expected to generate significant revenue compared to other types of power MOSFETs.

Power MOSFET is a costeffective electronic switch device, which has replaced bipolar junction transistorsPower MOSFETs are increasingly being employed in electric cars to enhance switching speed, avoid power loss, and amplify electronic signalsAutomotive and industrial verticals, for example, are the top industries with the largest demand.

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COVID19 Impact on the Global Power MOSFET Market

COVID19 is having a large impact on both economy and the consumersElectronics manufacturing hubs have been temporarily shut down to liming the COVID19 spread among individualsThis has significantly impacted the power MOSFET market’s supply chain, resulting in component, material, and final goods shortagesIn the public safety sensors market, a lack of business continuity has severe negative consequences on shareholder returns and revenue, which is projected to cause financial disruptions.

The governments in key markets have prioritized safety and security in the current threat environmentThus there is strong demand from the defense sectorThough, the residential sector witnessed severe loss; thereby, no new orders were placed during the pandemicAnd this impact is estimated to continue till 2021Additionally, the international automobile markets are weak due to the lockdowns imposed to tackle the pandemic for several weeksAlthough the vehicles market in the U.Sand Europe are estimated to witness mild recovery in the second half of 2020, they are still significantly down on precrisis levelsTherefore, the power MOSFET market faces major obstacles from the emergence of the COVID19 pandemicThe impact of COVID19 on the industrial sector? has significantly affected the global economyElectronic components such as ICs, LED chips, PCBs, wafers, and other semiconductor devices are mostly imported from ChinaDue to the shutdown of industrialized units, the costs of semiconductor components have increased by 23%, owing to a shortage of supplies.

Global Power MOSFET Market Dynamics

DriversIncrease in emphasis on power saving

Electricity is not an easy form of energy to get as fossil fuels are depleting at an alarming rateIt is no surprise that more emphasis is given to conserving energyMOSFET is a switching device used for controlling applications such as an inverter, electric vehicle, and power suppliesMOSFET is widely used in industrial applications involving low switching frequencyThis increasing emphasis on power saving and the use of renewable energy has opened ways for this marketIt has been assumed that renewable energy having a maximum number of installations would constitute more share for the power module.

RestraintsLimitations in operations and high overall cost

Limitations such as drain to source voltage, maximum drain current, breakdown due to gate oxide, and temperature hamper the growth of this marketThe gate oxide is very thin, has a very low breakdown threshold; also, a high gate to source voltage reduces the life of the MOSFET, with little to no advantage on RDSon reductionThe MOSFET also requires a certain amount of drain to source voltage and drain current, failing to limit the required amounts that could easily lead to a breakdownPower MOSFET also has the tendency to leak current, limiting its growth in the global market.

The high cost associated with vehicle installation could act as a restraint for the growth of the power MOSFET market as this factor leads to a higher cost of the carMoreover, the vehicle’s serviceability is difficult and requires skilled workers due to several electronic componentsThe complex structure of systems reduces the shelf life of vehicles.

OpportunitiesTechnological advancement in power MOSFET

Electronics today come equipped with many features to increase their sales and comfort consumersTechnological improvements in electronic components, such as smartphones, wireless communication & cloud systems, computers, and others, have improved consumers’ safety parameters and widened the opportunity for enhanced electronics and devices in the global market.

The dynamic advancements in technology, improved efficiency, and compact size of electronic components, which provide lucrative opportunities for power MOSFETIn addition, nano controller plays a crucial role in managing the operations with optimum power lossMoreover, integrating various electronic equipment is expected to provide ample opportunities to the market players.

Scope of the Report

The study categorizes the power MOSFET market based on type, power rate, and application at regional and global levels.

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By Type Outlook (Sales, USD Million, 20172030)

  • Depletion Mode Power MOSFET
  • Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET

By Power Rate Outlook (Sales, USD Million, 20172030)

  • High Power
  • Medium Power
  • Low Power

By Application Outlook (Sales, USD Million, 20172030)

  • Energy & Power
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Inverter & UPS
  • Industrial
  • Others

By Region Outlook (Sales, USD Million, 20172030)

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  • North America (US, Canada, Mexico)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Rest of Latin America)
  • Europe (Germany, Italy, France, UK, Spain, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Rest of Europe)
  • Asia Pacific (China, Japan, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand, Rest of Asia Pacific)
  • The Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Northern Africa, Rest of MEA)

The Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET segment is projected to account for the largest market share by type

By type, the power MOSFET market is analyzed across depletion mode power MOSFET and enhancement mode power MOSFETEnhancement Mode Power MOSFET had the largest market, with 56.7of the share in 2021Enhancement mode power MOSFET is a power module with a high current rating by parallelizing semiconductor chips and is widely used in industry and traction applicationsAn enhancement mode power MOSFET consists of multiple chips mounted on an isolated substrate and a heat sinking copper base plateEnhancement mode power MOSFET is gaining popularity worldwide, owing to its unmatched efficiency and durabilityIt is the next evolutionary step for power managementNumerous industries adopt enhancement mode power MOSFETs to operate high voltage welders, rolling mills, and water pumpsEnhancement Mode Power MOSFETbased technology has been adopted in trolleys in European countries to reduce current leakage and enhance efficiencyIn the present business scenario, the enhancement mode power MOSFET is more preferred as it is costefficient and can be easily controlled at high voltage, which results in the market’s growth.

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Asia Pacific accounts for the highest CAGR during the forecast period

Regionwise segmentation of the power MOSFET market is across North America, AsiaPacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East & AfricaWorldwide, Asia Pacific is estimated to hold the highest CAGR in the global power MOSFET market during the forecast periodAsiaPacific occupies a considerable market share in the global sensors marketThis is due to increased technological advancements and a rise in automotive standards in developing countries like India, China, and IndonesiaAsiaPacific is the fastestgrowing region globallyIt is the most lucrative market for power MOSFET due to the availability of highend enhanced technologies, increase in demand for smart electronics, and growth in manufacturing industries.

Furthermore, various supportive nonprofit organizations promoting packaging technologies fuel the market growthThese organizations take various initiatives to build power infrastructure with advanced technologies, which drives the growth of the power MOSFET market in the regionOrganizations across verticals realize the importance of power MOSFET devices to ensure efficient working conditionsHigh demand for automated switching devices and power modules is expected to boost market growth.

Key Market Players

To increase market presence, every firm has used techniques such as product portfolio growth, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, regional expansion, and collaborationsFairchild Semiconductors, Renesas Electronics Corporation, Infineon Technologies AG, DigiMain Electronics, IXYS Corporation Power Integration, Toshiba Corp, NXP Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments are among the key power MOSFET market analysis companies mentioned in the study.

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