Praby Sodhi – Identify the Causes and Symptoms of Dementia


Alpha-synuclein is the name of a protein. Under some circumstances, it can get unusually deposited in a person’s brain. They are known as Lewy bodies. When they get converted into a disease, Lewy body dementia can occur. Praby Sodhi adds to this that cognition-related problems can take place because of these bodies. Moreover, changes can be observed in the mood and behavior of a person, as per the dementia specialist.

While this is a broad picture that hints at why Lewy body dementia occurs, the causes can further be broken down. Likewise, the symptoms of this condition can also be found.

Prabhy Sodhi Shares How is Lewy Body Dementia Caused?

Why alpha-synuclein begins to get accumulated in the brain abnormally may not be traced back to a well-defined cause. However, medical professionals have been able to understand that some neurons may undergo a loss inside the brain. Due to an effect related to the same, this protein may deposit unusually.

With reference to the above, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi says that these neurons are responsible for the production of certain chemicals. They carry messages from one brain cell to the other. Acetylcholine is a messenger that is important to this process. Dopamine is another such messenger that remains significant.

While acetylcholine is responsible for the processes related to memory, dopamine is relevant for behavior as well as cognition. Given that they are lost, Lewy body dementia or LBD can occur and affect these processes.

In the opinion of Prabhi Sodhi, the neurons may become fewer because of certain diseases. Otherwise, the lifestyle of a person may influence this change.

Symptoms Associated with LBD

Dementia experts have explained that LBD can produce various symptoms. They can be in relation to sleep, cognition, and behaviour. Symptoms relating to movement can further be witnessed. Considering that Lewy body dementia is progressive in nature, these symptoms may become intense as time passes.

  1. Physical Symptoms

When a person has begun to develop LBD, his/her movement can undergo changes. This person’s muscles may become rigid, explains Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi. At times, this may cause problems associated with coordination. Even when that person is not moving, her/his hands may keep shaking. This can further lead to changes in handwriting.

  1. Cognition Problems

Praby Sodhi contributes the information that a number of cognitive changes can be seen in a patient with LBD. Hallucinations can be common in patients. Both visual and non-visual types can be observed.

The following are the other cognition problems seen in these patients:

  • A lack of ability to concentrate
  • Thoughts may become disorganized
  • Poor memory as well as judgment
  • Speech difficulties
  1. Changes in Behavior

A number of changes in behavior can be likely because of LBD. According to dementia specialist, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, patients may begin to remain depressed. This can cause them to see low interest in activities or work that they may do on a day-to-day basis.

It is further explained by Prabhy Sodhi that the patients may remain anxious. This can also cause anger. As this condition becomes severe, delusions may develop as well. As a consequence of this symptom, these patients may not be able to trust their loved ones, friends, relatives, etc.

  1. Sleep-related Issues

As per the dementia specialist, the neurons that go missing in a person’s brain can play a role in sleep. When these neurons are not found, sleep issues can take place. Hence, an individual who has been diagnosed with Lewy body dementia may not be able to take proper sleep due to the further development of certain disorders.

In this scenario, the symptoms can include:

  • Sleeping more during the day
  • Rapid eye movement sleep disorder (REM)
  • Insomnia
  • Unlikely sensations in the legs

All in All

Lewy body dementia is a condition that can bring along a number of symptoms. Given that its root cause may not be certain, it can become difficult to completely prevent this condition. In the opinion of specialists like Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi it is vital that a person be mindful of his/her health and lifestyle. This can help to some extent to prevent LBD and steer away from its possible causes too.