Practical methods to fix QuickBooks error 557


QuickBooks is a bookkeeping software that can manage employee payroll in small and medium-sized businesses. The software also helps in tax submission by storing the data of employees and the deducted amount from their wages. The payroll service should be updated with every new release by Intuit. QuickBooks error 557 can sometimes develop when you try to download the payroll updates or submit the payroll. If the error has also troubled you, continue reading the blog to discover the causes of this error and a procedure you can apply to fix it.
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Some of the potential circumstances that can cause this QuickBooks error are given below-
• Your subscription to the payroll service has expired, and you are no longer an authorized user to use the payroll services.
• The EIN or service key you have entered is incorrect, leading to this issue.
• QuickBooks program files are missing or damaged due to a faulty software installation on your system.

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The appropriate procedure you can use to fix this error in QuickBooks is given underneath-

Method- Ensure the payroll subscription in the software is active and reactivate it if necessary

A significant cause of this error is an inactive payroll subscription. You may also have renewed the subscription recently, and the Intuit servers fail to recognize you as an authorized user. You’ll run into this error while downloading the payroll updates or working on your payroll data. The software won’t let you perform any payroll task until the error is fixed, and you may face a software crash after the error codes are displayed on your screen. To rectify this issue, you can proceed with the steps below to verify that your payroll subscription is active-

1. Reboot your PC and go to the Employees menu in your QuickBooks.
2. Tap My payroll service in the options list and click on Account/Billing Information or Account info/Preferences.
3. Sign in using your credentials and go to the QuickBooks payroll account maintenance page.
4. Verify that your service name is correct and highlighted as Active.
5. Tap Edit if you need to change the service key.

If the payroll subscription isn’t active, you’ll have to reactivate it to use the payroll service smoothly in the software. Apply the method stepwise as shown in the steps below-

1. Click on the Resubscribe link under your service status marked as ‘Cancelled.’
2. Check that all the information provided in the Reactivate subscription column is correct, and click Save and continue.
3. Once again, check the billing information and your subscription details before clicking Reactivate.
4. You’ll be notified with a pop-up message once the subscription gets reactivated.
5. Reopen QuickBooks and try to execute the task that caused this error earlier.
The error will be removed after you apply the procedure.


This blog discusses QuickBooks error 557 that develops due to an expired payroll subscription. You read some other conditions which can lead you to this error and the countermeasures you can apply to eliminate this payroll error from your QuickBooks.
If you struggle with any issues while applying the procedure, get in touch with a QB support team available at +1 800-417-5147.

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