Practical Ways To Make Office Cleaning Engaging


Making your office clean and presentable is one good way of presenting your business to your customers. But engaging your employees to keep cleanliness is often challenging, given people’s inconsistent behaviour and commitment.
Maintaining workplace sanitation doesn’t have to be a banal task. There are specific approaches to pique people’s interests and encourage people to do their part in maintaining office cleanliness.
An office cleaning company can help your business enforce ways to help employees do their part. Here are some ways to make cleaning fun and engaging for your workers.

      1. Prepare a Reward System to Motivate People to Move
        The thought of getting a reward for doing something has always appealed to most people. Set up a reward system to trigger people to move based on your desired results.
        For example, set up a sheet list where people can log their accomplished cleaning tasks daily. Then, before the weekends, the assigned team leader tallies all the scores, and the person with the most points gets a prize.
        Small incentives often become a strong motivation to keep your office workers engaged. But unfortunately, it becomes a positive distraction that also enforces a substantial change in how people behave based on the results your business wants. Setting up small rewards for people who make their office space clean is no different.
      2. Hang Quotes and Motivational Memes in Gathering Areas
        Using memes is one way of capturing people’s attention. It is used to enforce a positive change among people who find it hard to keep things organized and clean. You can hang motivational memes in known areas where people often gather.
        The internet has many memes about maintaining cleanliness, throwing trash, and wiping counters. Additionally, you can use these funny images with words and phrases in the smoking area to keep people from throwing cigarette butts just about anywhere.
        You can even make it creative by posting a funny picture of known violators or those showing exemplary behaviour and putting notes about them. It will put a smile on people’s faces and compel them to make a difference.
      3. Host Occasional Meeting Sessions with the Cleaning Agency
        In an office environment, people sometimes pass each other without acknowledging each or recognizing who they are. It is also not easy to motivate people, particularly when it comes to cleaning.
        One promising approach is to acquaint your regular employees with personnel from office cleaning services in Singapore so they can brief people on how they can contribute to workspace cleanliness.
        Keeping everything orderly in the office contributes to workplace safety and reduces stress. Therefore, it is crucial to create a healthier environment so people can work more productively.

      Choosing an Office Cleaning Service in Singapore

      There are other considerations besides cost when looking for a reputable office cleaning service. Unfortunately, a cheap service frequently has extra charges and provides poor service.
      When looking for the right company, you might also want to look into their communication process. Get a company that tries to understand what you need and is ready to communicate when needed.
      When looking for office cleaning in Singapore, start your journey by looking for certified and insured service providers. They should have public liability insurance and has their staff appropriately trained.
      Additionally, quality service providers in Singapore always provide value for money. These businesses are known for going over the top with their office cleaning. Reading online reviews from their past clients can give you an idea of their service extent.
      It also pays to look for a service provider that practices an environmental-friendly approach. These businesses always try to incorporate the latest cleaning techniques to meet industry standards.

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