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Prashar Lake hikes An ideal family-friendly trek in Himachal.


An emerald-colored lake known as Prashar is bordered by the Dhauladhar hills of Kullu Valley. Prashar Lake is a well-kept secret in Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi district. The hike takes you through a beautiful woodland and past a couple rivers. In addition, because the route goes through communities, you may learn about local customs. A 180-degree view of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges may be seen from the trek.

Day 1. Kantu towards Prashar Lake

  • altitude6,050 feet (1,844 m) up to 8,900 feet (2,713 m)
  • Time spent: 1-hour drive + 5 hours of trek, 7.05 km.
  • Trek gradient: Moderate. A steep ascent of 500m then an ascent that is gradual for 4 kilometers. Another ascent that is steep for about 3ooms, and then a stroll.

The following are the water sources: Bring two liters of water with you. Til, around 2.6 kilometers into the Prashar lake trek, has a water source. It is possible to refill water bottles there.

Kantu is just two hours away from Mandi. Arrive in Mandi at 7.00 am and proceed straight for Kantu. Breakfast is served here before beginning the trek.

The trail starts with an ascent of around 500 meters over the open countryside. The valley is visible to your left.

Then, you’ll enter the forest, which is mostly composed of Rhododendrons. The path eases slightly and then gradually climbs. Within 400m, the trail will lead you to an open area from which you have a full panorama of the Dhauadhar range. This is a good place to take a rest. It’s an excellent location for taking photographs.

When you cross this clearing, the path will enter an oak tree. The trail continues to climb slowly after walking through the forest for about 1km before you arrive at another clearing. This is also a perfect place to stop for a rest.

From here, The trail continues into the main road. Continue walking along this route for 700 meters. After that, you’ll arrive at an area called Til. There are numerous shops in this area.

It’s possible to come across apple orchards as you move away from the meadow. Make sure you don’t pick any of the apples. After 700 meters, you’ll return to the motorable road. The trail then climbs steeply for 300 meters. This is a difficult task. After it, there is a clearing.

The views from this vantage point are breathtaking. Triund, Dhauladhar Matterhorn, Kap Chuli, Man Hill, Hanuman Tibba, Sikar Beh, Mukar Beh, Manali peak, Friendship peak, Mukila, Ali Ratni Tibba, and countless lesser mountains can be seen between left and right of the magnificent valley. You may take a break here for a while.

In just 300 meters after 300m, you’ll be in another forest. The path here is smooth with a brief ascent. Near the end of this trail, you’ll find a gorgeous lake below. However, this isn’t Prashar Lake. Visit the lake and take a stroll around the area. Two shepherds’ homes can also be found here.

You are not permitted to enter Prashar Lake since it is surrounded by a barrier. In the lake, there is a circular floating island. If you’re lucky, you could get to see the island move while you’re there.

Close to the lake is a beautiful temple dedicated to Sage Prashar. The architecture is unique and stunning.

Go to the nearest “top” of the lake to see the sunset. Return early in the morning to watch the sunrise. It is possible to view the entire mountains from this point, including Papsura as well as Dharmsura. The night is spent in the hostel.

Day 2 Prashar Lake to Kantlu

  • 8,900 feet (2,713 meters) to 6,050 feet (1,844 m)
  • The journey took 3.5 hours and 7.7 kilometers.
  • The trek is moderately difficult. The trail descends for the most part, with only a few small ascents.
  • Water sources: Bring two liters of water with you. The little pump may be used to fill your water bottles. After starting the hike, you will have covered 2.2 kilometers.
  • Today you’ll return to Kantlu, but by a different path.

Take a walk along the motorable lake starting from Prashar lake for 1.5 kilometers. From here, you can leave the road that is memorable and turn to the left. This is a path through the grasslands. After about 700 meters on the path, you’ll discover a small pump house. This is a tranquil, peaceful area with forests. The only sound you hear is water. It is possible to refill water bottles here.

The trail begins to enter dense forest right here. After 500 meters, there’s another diversion, and you’ll need to take the left way.The trail begins to descend gradually following an empty pumphouse. After 1.2 kilometers, you’ll be able to climb.

The trail begins to enter dense forest right here. After 500 meters, there is a second diversion, and you must follow the way on the left. The trail begins to descend gradually, following at the pump’s hose. After 1.2 km, you’ll encounter an ascent. 

After crossing this ascent, a beautiful home set in a forest appears in the distance to your left. The house is in front of you. Lies an apple orchard which is full of apples in the months of May and June.

A beautiful valley may be found behind the property. It is possible to see from the valley Dhauladhar area, Mukila as well as Hanuman Tibba peak from this point.

About 200m from home, you’ll traverse the motorable road, and you will enter a forest. The forest is full of Rhododendron, oak, and pine trees. After 1km, the forest is thinned. To your left is an unassuming reservoir. Within 100m, you’ll arrive at a tiny village called Halgarh. The village is merely one or two houses. It is a great picture over Kantlu along with the valley this.

Continue to descend from here. After a few minutes, you’ll reach the portion of the route you took on Day 1. Continue this route until you reach Kantlu that is about just 2 kilometers from Calgary.

Lunch at Kantlu and then head to Mandi.